The Kids’ Club Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Kids’ Club Questions & Answers.

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The Kids’ Club Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Bharat Apartments had__________

i. twelve floors
ii. seven floors
iii. four floors

(b) Sanaya didn’t like the staircase because the stairs were__________

i. narrow and steep
ii. dark and dirty
iii. difficult to climb

(c) Who began the game of ringing doorbells and running away?

i. Saif
ii. Sanaya
iii. Gautam

(d) Uncle Venu scolded the children because________

i. the bell rang loudly
ii. it is rude to disturb people
iii. he was a doctor

(e) The story is about________

i. a building called Bharat Apartments
ii. a dangerous staircase
iii. three children who have no place to play

(f) At the end of the story, the children________

i. do not have a place to play
ii. find a place to play
iii. do not want to play at all

Question 2: Who said these words and to whom?

(a) Everybody should ring a doorbell and run.

Answer: Gautam said these words to Sanaya and Saif.

(b) Oh! Gautam’s fallen and hurt himself!

Answer: Sanaya said these words to Saif.

(c) Tell me, why have you been troubling everyone?

Answer: Uncle Venu said these words to Gautam, Sanaya and Saif.

(d) We’re so sorry, Uncle!

Answer: Children said these words to Uncle Venu.

Question 3: Where did Gautam, Sanaya and Saif live?

Answer: Gautam, Sanaya and Saif lived in Bharat Apartments.

Question 4: Why did the children play on the staircase?

Answer: The children played on the staircase because they had no other place to play.

Question 5: What happened to Gautam while the kids were playing?

Answer: While the kids were playing, Gautam fell and hurt his leg.

Question 6: What was Uncle Venu’s idea?

Answer: Uncle Venu said that he had an extra room where the children could start a Kids’ Club. They could do anything they liked except rude things like ringing other people’s doorbells.

So, these were The Kids’ Club Questions & Answers.

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