The Question Of Mangoes Questions & Answers

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The Question Of Mangoes Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Acquire – to gain
  • Determination – quality that makes you to continue trying something
  • Arithmetic – mathematics that deals with addition, multiplication etc.
  • Dictated – said words for someone else to write down
  • Conviction – a strong opinion
  • Expect – to think that something will happen
  • Improbable – not likely to be true
  • Fearful – terrible
  • Miracle – an act that does not follow the law of nature
  • Gazed – looked steadily
  • Maze – a system of paths separated by walls
  • Probably – likely to happen
  • Slate – a small sheet used to write on it
  • Regarded – looked at somebody
  • Smothering – preventing something from being expressed
  • Utterly – used to show how complete something is
  • Steadily – growing gradually
  • Unaccountable – impossible to understand
  • Sympathy – the feeling of being sorry for someone
  • Wondered – thought

Question 1: Why did Swaminathan feel and unaccountable sympathy for Krishna?

Answer: Swaminathan felt an unaccountable sympathy for Krishna because Rama fixed fifteen annas for ten mangoes and he was determined for that. So, Krishna has to give the fixed amount and do the calculation too which was difficult for Swaminathan.

Question 2: What was a crime according to Swami?

Answer: According to Swami, it would be a crime to expect fifteen annas for ten unripe mangoes.

Question 3: ‘Swami felt utterly helpless.’ Why did this happen?

Answer: Swami asked his father whether the mangoes were ripe or unripe. He thought that state of the fruits is important to solve the problem. But his father was not telling him. So, he felt utterly helpless.

Question 4: Why was Swaminathan beginning to hate Rama?

Answer: Swaminathan found Rama like Shankar who was determined. He also thought that it is a crime to expect fifteen annas for ten unripe mangoes. Thinking over his darkest qualities, he was beginning to hate Rama.

Question 5: Solve the sum that Swaminathan’s father gave him.

Answer: Rama has mangoes = 10
He wants to earn = 15 annas
1 mango’s cost = 15/10 = 3/2 = 1.5
Four mangoes which Krishna wants = 1.5 X 4 = 6 annas.

Question 6: What happened when Swaminathan read the sum every time?

Answer: Every time when Swaminathan read the sum, it seemed to acquire a new meaning.

Question 7: What happened when Swami thought of mangoes?

Answer: At the thought of mangoes, Swami’s mouth began to water.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions.
“Get the slate here, I will make you give the answer now”.

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Swaminathan’s father said these words to him.

(b) What was the question for the ‘answer’?

Answer: The question for the ‘answer’ was: – Rama has ten mangoes with which he wants to earn fifteen annas. Krishna wants only four mangoes. How much will Krishna have to pay?

(c) Is the speaker angry or happy?

Answer: The speaker is angry.

(d) What happens next?

Answer: Swaminathan’s father studies the sum and probes him in order to help him solve it.

So, these were The Question Of Mangoes Questions & Answers.

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