The Surprise Party Questions & Answers

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The Surprise Party Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Throng – a crowd
  • Wit – the ability to think
  • Goblin – a small imaginary creature that tricks people
  • Buttered scone – a small round cake, often eaten with butter or jam
  • Stumped off – walked noisily in anger
  • Lo and behold – an expression of wonder or surprise
  • Cavern – a large cave
  • Dungeon – a dark underground room used as a prison
  • Elf – a small imaginary creature with magic powers
  • Ire – anger
  • Frail – weak

Question 1: Who was Bilbo expecting? Quote a line to prove that he was anxious to meet that person.

Answer: Bilbo was expecting Gandalf. The lines that suggest the same are, ‘I am so sorry to keep you waiting!’ He was going to say, when he saw that it was not Gandalf at the door.

Question 2: Who was the first dwarf to visit Bilbo?

Answer: The first dwarf to visit Bilbo was Dwalin.

Question 3: Describe Bilbo’s reaction to the onslaught of visitors.

Answer: Bilbo was taken by surprise as he was not expecting so many dwarves but only Gandalf.

Question 4: What coveys that Bilbo was not too happy with the visitors?

Answer: Various instances in the chapter indicate his unhappiness over the sudden arrival of so many dwarves. For instance:
‘He sat in a corner trying to collect his wits! The poor little hobbit sat down in the hall and put his they would all stay to supper!

Question 5: What does ‘Throng’ mean? Why didn’t Bilbo like the sound of this word?

Answer: ‘Throng’ means a crowd or a large group of people in one place. Bilbo did not like the sound of it as he was not fond of having too many people in his place and most of the people who came were unexpected visitors.

Question 6: What indicates that visitors were quite comfortable in Bilbo’s house?

Answer: The visitors were quite comfortable in Bilbo’s house as they were eating and enjoying, talking about adventurous things.

Question 7: Who did Gandalf finally arrive with?

Answer: Gandalf finally arrived with Thorin.

Question 8: In what manner did Dwalin enter Bilbo’s house?

Answer: When Dwalin arrived at Bilbo’s place, he was not invited and Bilbo was expecting Gandalf. But on his arrival, he pushed himself inside Bilbo’s house, just as if he had been expected.

Question 9: Why did Bilbo invite Dwalin to stay for tea? What does it reveal about him?

Answer: When Dwalin pushed himself inside Bilbo’s house, he could not do much but invite Dwalin for tea. There was an awkward silence between the two and in order to overcome that, Bilbo decided to ask him for tea. It shows that he was polite in nature.

The Surprise Party Questions & Answers

Question 10: What did Kili say after he entered the house?

Answer: After Kili entered Bilbo Baggins house, he introduced himself and Fili. Then, he said that they would be joining the throng.

Question 11: What did the dwarves discuss as they sat at the table?

Answer: The dwarves sat around the table and discussed about mines and gold, troubles with the goblins, and the threat of dragons and many other things which Bilbo Baggins did not understand.

Question 12: Why didn’t Bilbo want to understand what the dwarves talked about?

Answer: Bilbo did not want to understand what the dwarves talked about as he was not fond of any adventure and the dwarves sounded too adventurous for him.

Question 13: What did Gandalf order Bilbo to do once he arrived?

Answer: Gandalf arrived with Thorin in the end. Once he was at Bilbo Baggin’s place, he asked him to cook a few eggs and get the cold chicken.

Question 14: What effects did the dwarves’ song have on Bilbo?

Answer: Bilbo heard the song and he felt the love of beautiful things made by hand. Then something woke up inside him and he wished to go and see the great mountains, and hear the pine-trees and explore the caves.

Question 15: Why aren’t the dwarves in possession of their treasure? How does this make them feel?

Answer: The dwarves aren’t in possession of their treasures because Smaug, the dragon had taken over the caves of dwarves.

Question 16: Read and answer the questions:

The poor little Hobbit sat down in the hall and put his head in his hands and wondered what had happened and what was going to happen and whether they would all stay to supper.

(a) Who was ‘the poor little Hobbit’?

Answer: The poor little Hobbit was Bilbo Baggins.

(b) Who does ‘they’ refer to here?

Answer: ‘They’ refer to dwarves.

(c) Why did the hobbit put his head in his hands?

Answer: The Hobbit put his heads in his hands as he was not used to having so many people in his house. All the dwarves were unexpected visitors and before he could do anything about it, they had already made themselves comfortable in his house.

Question 17: Read and answer the questions:

Dwalin at your service! He said with a low bow.

(a) Who was Dwalin?

Answer: Dwalin was the first dwarf to arrive at Bilbo’s house. He had a blue beard tucked into a golden belt.

(b) Where was Dwalin when he said this?

Answer: Dwalin was standing at the door of Bilbo’s house.

(c) Who is addressing here? How did the listener react?

Answer: He, Dwalin was addressing Bilbo Baggins here. The listener was not expecting Dwalin but Gandalf, so he was surprised at this unexpected visitor.

Question 18: Read and answer the questions:

‘Of course!’ said Thorin. ‘And after, we shall not get through the business till late! But we must have some music first.

(a) Who was Thorin?

Answer: Thorin was an enormously important and proud dwarf.

(b) Why did he say ‘Of course’ here?

Answer: Thorin said, ‘of course’ in response to Bilbo’s question whether all the dwarves would stay for supper at his place.

(c) What business was he talking about?

Answer: Thorin and the other dwarves wanted to get rid of the dragon that had been plundering the caves of the dwarves. They wanted to discuss the plan of action. Hence, Thorin called it as ‘business’ which had to be sorted.

So, these were The Surprise Party Questions & Answers.

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