The Swiss Family Robinson – Sledge Questions & Answers

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The Swiss Family Robinson is a novel written by Swiss Pastor, Johan David Wyss. It aims at teaching people values like determination, self-reliance, co-operation, love for your family and prudent use of resources.  I have also shared the questions and answers of The Swiss Family Robinson – We Relocate To The Forest and Setting In The Giant Tree so, you can check these posts as well.

The Swiss Family Robinson – Sledge Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did the narrator observe on the way home?

Answer: He observed many pieces of wood to build a sledge.

Question 2: When was he determined to go to collect the same?

Answer: He was determined to go early the next morning, before his family woke up.

Question 3: Why did the narrator want to build a sledge?

Answer: The narrator wanted to build a sledge as that would help them to carry heavy things back from the store house.

Question 4: Why did he leave Fritz behind?

Answer: He left Fritz behind to protect the family in case of danger.

Question 5: What did they do on finding the pieces of wood?

Answer: They set to work to cut them to proper length and laid cross ways on the branches.

The Swiss Family Robinson – Sledge Questions & Answers

Question 6: What items did the chest contain?

Answer: The chest contained some sailors’ dresses and some linen.

Question 7: How was the outline of the sledge made?

Answer: The narrator fixed two bent pieces of wood, the segments of a circle, in their place by a straight piece of wood placed across, and firmly fixed to the bent pieces in the middle and sat at the rear. This formed the outline of his sledge, fastening two ropes in front.

Question 8: How would the sledge help them?

Answer: Sledge would help them to carry heavy things back from the store house.

Question 9: Why did they take the road by the seashore?

Answer: They took the road by the seashore because the sands afforded better travelling than the thick grass.

Question 10: List some of the valuable items the narrator and Ernest decided to bring back.

Answer: Ernest and the narrator brought casks of butter, cheese a small barrel of gunpowder, different instruments and some shot back from the store house.

The Swiss Family Robinson – Sledge Questions & Answers

Question 11: Describe the animal the Robinson family saw in the forest? How was it hunted down?

Answer: As the Robinson family was heading back home, an unusual animal suddenly sprang up near Flora. The animal could jump very high. It was as large as a sheep, with the tail resembling that of a tiger, its snout and hair were like those of a mouse, the forelegs resembled those of a squirrel, and were extremely short. To make up for this, its hind legs were as long as a pair of stilts. It was a kangaroo. When the animal sprang near Flora, the narrator fired a shot at it. However, the animal’s flight was so quick that the narrator missed the shot. Meanwhile, Earnest who was nearby heard the shot and prepared his gun and fired at the animal killing it on the spot.

Question 12: Why did the narrator and Ernest burst out laughing?

Answer: The narrator and Ernest burst out laughing on seeing the ludicrous style of dress of the three boys. One had a sailor’s shirt which fell to his legs, another was buried in a pair of pantaloons which were fastened around his neck and reached the ground, and the third had a long waistcoat, which came down to the instep and gave him the exact form of a travelling suitcase.

Question 13: Summarize the encounter of the Robinson family with the unusual animal.

Answer: The author made a sledge out of the wooden pieces that they had found on the beach. He, along with his children, was heading back home, when Flora who had accompanied them, sprang off. He soon saw her pursuing an animal which made the most extraordinary jumps. The author fired but missed a shot at the animal as the animal was too quick. Earnest who was nearby, prepared his gun and fired a shot which hit the animal. The animal was killed. The author ran to the animal to find out what it was. What appeared to very unusual was nothing but a large kangaroo.

Question 14: Why is it important to study natural history?

Answer: It is important to study natural history because it helps us to classify plants and animals according to their characteristic marks.

So, these were The Swiss Family Robinson – Sledge Questions & Answers.

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