The Sword Of The Lake Questions & Answers

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The Sword Of The Lake Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did the Arthur complain about to Merlin?

Answer: Arthur complained that he had no sword.

Question 2: What had Merlin told him?

Answer: Merlin told him that there was a sword in a magical lake nearby. It would belong to Arthur if he could get it.

Question 3: Where had Arthur found his sword?

Answer: Arthur found his sword in the middle of a large lake. An arm dressed in silk rose out of the water with the sword in her hand.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

Arthur saw an arm dressed in rich silk rise out of the water.

(a) Who was Arthur?

Answer: Arthur was a wise king.

(b) Where did he see such a sight?

Answer: He saw such a sight in the middle of a lake.

(c) Why had he gone there?

Answer: He had gone there to get the sword.

(d) What did the hand hold?

Answer: The hand held out a beautiful, gleaming sword.

Question 5: Who gave the sword to Arthur?

Answer: The Lady of the Lake gave it to him.

Question 6: What was the name of the sword?

Answer: The name of the sword was Excalibur.

Question 7: What did Arthur ask Sir Bedivere to do?

Answer: Arthur asked Sir Bedivere to take the sword and throw it back into the lake.

Question 8: How did the sword return to his actual owner?

Answer: When Sir Bedivere finally threw the sword back into the lake, an arm came out of the water, grasped the Excalibur and vanished. That is how, the sword got back to his actual owner.

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