The Wind Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Wind Questions & Answers.

Written by Elizabeth Rendall, this poem is about a child who is asking questions on the blowing of the Wind.

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The Wind Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Frets – anxious, worries
  • Batter – hit hard over and over again
  • Window sill – a shutter or a framework which closes a window opening
  • Barefoot – wearing nothing on the feet
  • Pane – a single sheet of glass in a window or a door
  • Chilly – cold
  • Little – small
  • Pleased – happy

Question 1: Who wanted to come inside the room?

Answer: The Wind wanted to come inside the room.

Question 2: What is the poem about?

Answer: The Wind is a poem about a child’s reaction on the blowing of the wind.

Question 3: What does the child want to know?

Answer: The child wants to know why the Wind wants to be in his room which is so small.

Question 4: Why is the Wind pleased?

Answer: The Wind is pleased to blow the candles out.

Question 5: Where does the Wind want to be?

Answer: The Wind wants to be in the little room.

Question 6: In the end of the poem, what does the child ask?

Answer: In the end, the child asks a question that if the Wind has so many places to blow about then why he (the Wind) wants to be in his little room with him?

Question 7: Explain the lines:

He rushes in and back again
He goes to batter door and pane,
Pleased to have blown my candle out.

Answer: When the child runs fast towards the door, the Wind starts to hit at the door and pane so hard that it blows the candle out in the little room. The Wind is very pleased to blow out the candle.

Question 8: Explain the lines:

Barefoot across the chilly floor
I run and open wide the door;

Answer: The child is in such a hurry to run to the door that he runs without his slippers, on the chilly floor and opens the door.

So, these were The Wind Questions & Answers.

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