Top 15 Google Chrome Hidden Features

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am going to share the Top 10 Google Chrome Hidden Features. There are some features in Google Chrome which were hidden or we didn’t know about those features. So, I am going to list those essential features which would help us work easily while using Chrome.

Top 15 Google Chrome Hidden Features

1. Dragging Multiple Tabs at Once

  • One of the most notable of all Google Chrome Hidden Features is Dragging Multiple Tabs at Once.
  • Most of the people are aware of dragging tabs.
  • But, according to my observations, they drag one tab at a time.
  • Let me tell you one thing that we can drag all the tabs or some of them at a time.
  • This can be done by simply holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on all the tabs which you want to move to a different place in the same window or another.

2. Browse Through Tabs Using Key Commands

  • If you want to quickly navigate to another tab, just hold down the Ctrl key (Command on Mac) and a number from 1 to 9.
  • Each number determines the position of a tab in the window.
  • For example – If you press the Ctrl key with 2, you can navigate to the 2nd tab of your window.

3. Dragging a URL to Bookmarks Bar

  • Furthermore, on my list of Top 15 Google Chrome Hidden Features is Dragging a URL to Bookmarks Bar.
  • If you come across a website which you want to see or refer daily and you want to add it quickly to Bookmarks Bar.
  • You need to just highlight the URL of the website and drag it to Bookmarks Bar. Boom, your website is now added to Bookmarks Bar.
  • You can edit the name later.

4. Adding a Link to Desktop

  • Chrome offers a convenient feature which allows the users to add a clickable link to the desktop.
  • Just click the settings icon (the three dots) on the top right corner > More tools > Create Shortcut.
  • It will prompt a window to name the file.
  • This will create a desktop shortcut with a clickable icon.

5. The Hidden T-Rex Game

  • The chrome has a hidden game featuring a T-Rex.
  • You can run the game by disabling your internet connection on the device.
  • There is another by not disabling the net and typing this URL – chrome://network-error/-106
  • This will show a page displaying ‘Unable to connect to the Internet’. You’ll notice a T-Rex on the screen.
  • Just press the spacebar and enjoy your endless running game. Press spacebar again to jump.

6. Updating Autofill for Easier Shopping

  • Sixth on my list of Top 15 Google Chrome Hidden Features is Updating Autofill for Easier Shopping.
  • You can fill your default Debit/Credit Card Details for any shopping website.
  • Just navigate to Settings > Passwords and Forms > Autofill Settings.
  • Here you can easily add/edit your addresses and debit/credit card details.
  • When Chrome identifies a purchase form, you can automatically add the details by just clicking on the drop down. But, you’ll still have to add the

7. Easily Navigate Up and Down Using Keyboard Commands

  • You can use the keyboard keys such as spacebar and shift to navigate up and down.
  • Use spacebar to move down.
  • You can use spacebar + shift to move up again.

8. Chrome – A Multimedia Browser

  • You can view an image or a video without opening Gallery or VLC Media Player.
  • Just drag and drop an image or a video file to chrome and it will show the image or play the video.

9. One Tap Mobile Search for Android

  • You can search for a word or a sentence on mobile by just clicking at it.
  • Just highlight the word or sentence by long pressing on it an Chrome will create a search for that term.
  • Just slide up once you see the prompt at the bottom.

10. Quickly Open Accidentally Closed Tabs

  • If you have mistakenly closed a tab you can get it back quickly.
  • Just right-click on an opened tab and select ‘Reopen closed tab’ or press Ctrl + Shift + T (Command + Shift + T on Mac) and chrome will immediately open recently closed tab.

11. Incognito Mode

  • Another important feature on my list of Google Chrome Hidden Features is Incognito Mode.
  • You can do private browsing in Incognito Mode.
  • Just go to Settings (three on the top right corner) > New Incognito Window.

12. Use your Google Chrome as a Notepad

  • You can use Google Chrome if you don’t want to open an extra application.
  • Just copy “data:text/html, <html contenteditable>” and paste into the URL bar and just press enter.
  • Your Chrome will turn into a notepad.

13. OK Google Search

  • You can just voice search on Chrome.
  • Just open a new tab and click on the mic on the search bar.

14. Reduce Data Usage per Webpage

  • If you are stuck in a low network area Google Chrome Data Saver Extension automatically reduces the data usage per webpage.
  • Just install the extension from here and check the checkbox from the top right corner.

15. Autosave Webpages to view them Offline

  • Last on my list of Top 15 Google Chrome Hidden Features is Autosave Webpages to view them Offline.
  • You can easily save the cached pages of the webpages to view them offline.
  • Enable the flag in chrome://flags : Enable Show Saved Copy Button and choose Primary from the drop-down menu and reload the Chrome.

So, these were the Top 15 Hidden Features of Google Chrome which we wanted to know.

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