Where Tigers Swim Questions & Answers

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Where Tigers Swim Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Which is our national animal?

(a) Royal Bengal Tiger
(b) One-horned Rhino
(c) Asiatic Lion 

2. Which river flows in the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve?

(a) Beas
(b) Netidhopani
(c) Damodar

3. No one sees tigers in the __________.

(a) Sundarbans
(b) zoo
(c) wildlife 

4. Tigers are very powerful ________.

(a) eaters
(b) swimmers
(c) builders

5. ________ are not really welcomed in the Sundarbans.

(a) humans
(b) birds
(c) predators

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

1. This utterly fragile, strange and magical ecosystem is geologically new and still evolving.
2. It takes me a full 10 seconds to realise that a childhood dream has come true.
3. Remorse now takes the place of pure joy I had just experienced on seeing the cat.
4. By the time we reached the Matla Four Compartment, all thoughts of heaven been forgotten.
5. Yet, against all probability, there she is.

Question 3: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Tigers are not very powerful swimmers – False
2. About 350 metres ahead of our vessel, I spot a floating log – False
3. Even the air is thick with drama as the Sun begins to set – True
4. Though humans are not settled here, they pour into the swamps on every day that the weather allows – True
5. This is the ultimate land of the lion – False

Question 4: Describe the encounter between the narrator and tiger.

Answer: The narrator was enjoying a boat ride in the Netidhopani river when he spotted a floating log some 250 metres ahead of their vessel. He noticed the log moving at a 90 degree angle to them. When it was 150 metres away, he peered through his binoculars and within 10 seconds, he knew that it was a wild tiger. The tiger was swimming swiftly in the water current and soon was just 10 metres from them, giving them a chance to have a closer look at her. Then the big cat headed for the mud bank.

Where Tigers Swim Questions & Answers

Question 5: What does the author say about the biodiversity of the Sundarbans?

Answer: According to the author, a detlaic patch of low-lying mud and silt, the Sunderbans is a tropical estuaries swamp forest where as many and 65 mangrove plant species grow. This makes the Sunderbans the most biodiverse mangrove forest in the world.

Question 6: Why are there no permanently settled villages in the tiger reserve?

Answer: Humans are not really welcomed in the Sunderbans and life can be very hard and dangerous for them. That is why there is no permanently settled village in the tiger reserve. All human settlements exist only in the northern edges where solid ground and man-made dykes keep the tides at bay. This is the ultimate land of tigers.

Question 7: What is the ‘no-win situation’ in the Sundarbans that the author describes?

Answer: Though humans are not settled in the Sunderbans but they pour into the swamps on every day that the weather allows. This, according to the author, sets up a conflict of interest that ends up as a no-win situation in which both humans and tigers die.

Question 8: Give two examples of similes from the chapter and explain what they mean.

Answer: The author has given many similes in this lesson, making the content and language very attractive. A few examples of similes from the chapter are:

  • Creeks and channels – the veins and arteries. As the veins and arteries provide blood to the heart for its proper functioning in the same way, the flood water from creeks and channels pour nutrients into the food factory.
  • Slick mud banks that melt like chocolate into the water – Soft mud offered a comfortable place to the mudskipper. When they rested and lay in it, the author felt that the mud was melting as chocolate.

Question 9: List the traits of the Royal Bengal Tiger based on what you have read in the chapter.

Answer: The Royal Bengal Tiger is a magnificent beast. This cat is a powerful swimmer who can swim comfortably against the current also. It is very energetic and can bound on slippery mud also. It is the only breed of tiger in this world which inhabits mangrove of Sunderbans. They usually love to live in a companion less environment in grass lands, swamps and mangroves. It is India’s national animal and we should protect it from becoming endangered.

Question 10: Why do you think that humans come into conflict with their environment?

Answer: Humans are to be blamed for the conflict with the natural environment. Their greed has resulted in disturbing the life of the habitants of the forests. People scour the Sunderban swamps to eke out a living each day and some are just not satisfied with farming and fish. They cut logs of wood for their never satisfying greed. At this rate, the forest will soon vanish, sold to the highest bidder. This is adversly effecting the plants, trees, shrubs, birds and big and small animals of the forest.

So, these were Where Tigers Swim Questions & Answers.

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