Who Ate The Sun Questions & Answers

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Who Ate The Sun Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Legends are……………..

i. stories based on actual events.
ii. stories about heroic deeds of people.
iii. the earliest stories told by humans.
iv. short stories with animals as characters.

(b) The sight of a solar eclipse could have frightened early humans because they………..

i. could not understand or explain the sudden disappearance of the Sun.
ii. took the Sun’s movement for granted.
iii. were worried that something had eaten the sun.
iv. used the Sun’s movement to regulate their lives.

(c) Science fiction could be regarded as a type of modern myth because it…………….

i. tries to answer questions for which we do not have scientific answers.
ii. consists of fictional stories and is not true.
iii. consists of stories told to everyone all over the world.
iv. tries to imagine other worlds and is not rational.

(d) The eclipse myth of the Batammaliba people is different because it……….

i. is not from Europe.
ii. does not talk about something eating the sun.
iii. is about making friends and peace and hence something positive.
iv. can occur in reality.

(e) Most solar eclipse myths talk about something eating up the sun because…………..

i. people thought there were animals and demons in the sky.
ii. it looks as if the sun is being eaten up during an eclipse.
iii. people did not believe in scientific explanations.
iv. the Moon hides the Sun during an eclipse.

Question 2: What do the below mentioned lines mean?

(a) ‘These old stories try to give reasons for inexplicable phenomena that early man witnessed in nature or big, cataclysmic events in human history.’

Answer: Reality being complex for early men to understand, they made stories which became myths. The weird things that happened were inexplicable and were not rational. They were made into stories to satisfy their curiosity.

(b) ‘People tend to take its regular journey though the sky for granted.’

Answer: The text means that the people did not know facts about Sun. They only knew that it rises in the East and sets in the West. By this journey of Sun, they set themselves accordingly.

Question 3: What are the earliest myths?

Answer: The earliest myths we know of are those that describe the creation of the universe, of men, animals and spirits and tell us of the origins of the Gods. Myths are perhaps necessary because reality is too difficult for the human brain to grasp.

Who Ate The Sun Questions & Answers

Question 4: Why do you think people in old times invented different forms of stories such as myths, legends, folk tales and fables?

Answer: People in old times invented different forms of stories such as myths, legends, folk tales and fables to explain or reason out the inexplicable phenomenon that they witnessed. They do not have explanations for the cataclysmic events that took place in human history.

Question 5: How do you think these stories became popular when there were no newspapers, TV and internet?

Answer: These stories became popular because of oral communication.

Question 6: What is the myth about the Solar Eclipse in our country?

Answer: In our country, it is believed that Rahu who disguised himself as God, wanted to taste the amrit churned out from the ocean. His head was sliced off by Lord Vishnu. Hence, his head became immortal and his body died. The myth is that Rahu, the demon eats up the sun which then passes out of his throat.

Question 7: Why were the two Chinese astronomers punished?

Answer: According to the Chinese mythology, it was an invisible dragon who chased up the sun. So, they had drummers and archers to chase away the dragon. One of the Chinese emperors did not have drummers and archers ready because the Chinese astronomers Hsi and Ho had not predicted the eclipse. The emperor got furious and punished the astronomers.

So, these were Who Ate The Sun Questions & Answers.

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