Working Families Questions & Answers

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Working Families Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

1. Chitra’s parents are no longer alive.
2. Yogesh gets home earlier than Bharti Nagpal.
3. Bharti has engaged a woman to do most of the housework.
4. Neeraj doesn’t help his wife with any household work.
5. Vineeta doesn’t want her husband to stay at home.
6. Tulsi’s husband stays at home because he is very good at looking after the baby and loves the home environment. 7. Chitra and her husband can lose their jobs if the factory gets closed.

Question 2: Who is Archna and who looks after her?

Answer: Archna is the daughter of Bharti Nagpal and Yogesh. Bharti’s mother looks after Archna.

Question 3: What idea do you form of Jagjeet’s family?

Answer: The idea that we form of Jagjeet’s family is that as a family member we should help each other in the household work and should spend quality time together as a family.

Question 4: What does Vineeta Goel say about her husband?

Answer: Vineeta Goel says that her husband, Rajesh has his own company, but these days, he has the freedom to stay at home when he wants as he no longer has to work such long hours as he used to. He is actually quite willing to help around the house but he is totally hopeless at it. So, she encourages him to stay out and work in the garden as much as possible.

Question 5: What does Chitra Singh feel guilty about and why?

Answer: Chitra Singh feels guilty about not being able to serve her children something hot and refreshing on their return from school.

Question 6: Who is Gagan and how does he keep himself busy?

Answer: Gagan is Tulsi’s husband. He keeps himself busy by looking after his baby and also, by doing some of his copywriting work on his home computer. He is also quite adept at doing the housework.

Question 7: What does Chitra Singh mean by a ‘modern woman’?

Answer: By a ‘modern woman’, Chitra Singh means who loves to do office work and hardly does cooking and housework.

Question 8: How is Bharti’s work different from that of her husband?

Answer: Bharti is an accountant at a bank which keeps her busy for longer than the normal 9 to 5 office hours. On the other hand, Yogesh is a teacher so, he gets home earlier.

Question 9: Who is Neeraj and what is Mamta’s complaint against him?

Answer: Neeraj is Mamta’s husband. Mamta’s complaint is that Neeraj is very old-fashioned and doesn’t lift a finger to help her around the house.

So, these were Working Families Questions & Answers.

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