Hospital in the Forest Questions & Answers

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Hospital in the Forest Questions & Answers

Question 1: What kind of life were the West Africans living?

Answer: The West Africans were living a miserable life of poverty. A large number of Africans lived in humid forests and had no shelter of any kind. They had very little food and they often got nothing to eat for many days. Thousands of Africans died of disease in the forests every year.

Question 2: What appeal was made in the article that Schweitzer read?

Answer: The article made an urgent appeal to young doctors to go to West Africa and help the natives in their sufferings.

Question 3: Who was Helen Breslau?

Answer: Helen Breslau was the daughter of one of the professors at Strasbourg University, with whom Schweitzer was in love and wished to marry.

Question 4: How did Schweitzer become a qualified doctor?

Answer: For six years, Schweitzer was again a student. He worked very hard and at the age of thirty-six, obtained his degree in medicine and became a qualified doctor.

Question 5: How did Helen offer to help Schweitzer?

Answer: Helen said softly to Schweitzer, “All right Albert, I’ll help you with your work. If you allow, I’ll go to Africa with you.”

Question 6: How did he arrange money for his hospital?

Answer: Schweitzer continued his work as the principal of the theological college, wrote many books and took part in concerts in order to save money for his hospital.

Question 7: What did Schweitzer take with him to Lambarene?

Answer: Schweitzer and his wife, Helen took with them seventy cases of medical supplies.

Question 8: How did Schweitzer reach Lambarene?

Answer: Schweitzer took a steamer up the Ogooue River to reach Lambarene.

Question 9: How did he set up his hospital in the beginning?

Answer: At Lambarene, Schweitzer got a very old wooden bungalow. Both the husband and wife swept and scrubbed it and made it into a well-equipped dispensary. Then, they changed an old boat-house by the river into a sickbay. Finally, they patched up and whitewashed a tumbledown chicken-house to serve as a consulting room. That is how, he set up his hospital.

Question 10: What big difficulty had Schweitzer to face in treating his patients?

Answer: One big difficulty that Schweitzer had to face in treating his patients was that he did not know the local language. He often found it impossible to tell his patients how to take the medicine.

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