God’s Greatest Gifts Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share God’s Greatest Gifts Questions & Answers.

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God’s Greatest Gifts Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where do we have the biggest and the oldest trees?

Answer: We have the biggest and the oldest trees in California (USA).

Question 2: How can we know the age of a tree?

Answer: We can know the age of a tree by counting the rings in its trunk.

Question 3: How are rings formed in the trunk of a tree?

Answer: In most trees, new wood is formed each year in the form of a ring outside the wood of the previous year. Thus, rings are formed in the trunk of a tree.

Question 4: How can the rings of a tree serve as a chart of rainfall?

Answer: In a year of good rainfall, the ring formed is thicker. In a year of less rainfall, the ring is thinner. Thus, the rings of a tree can serve as a chart of rainfall.

Question 5: What would happen if there were no trees?

Answer: If there were no trees, there would be no life.

Question 6: How did men in olden days make use of trees?

Answer: Men in olden days used trees in many ways. They used wood for making their homes, rafts, canoes and weapons. They also used it as fuel to cook and to keep themselves warm.

Question 7: What different things have taken the place of wood?

Answer: Concrete, steel, glass and plastics have been invented to take the place of wood.

Question 8: For what purposes do we need wood even now?

Answer: We need wood for making paper, cardboard, packing cases and many other things.

Question 9: What happens when animals breathe and things burn?

Answer: When animals breathe and things burn, oxygen is consumed and carbon dioxide is produced.

Question 10: How do trees treat the carbon dioxide produced by us?

Answer: The green leaves of trees absorb the carbon dioxide produced by us. With the help of sunlight, they break carbon dioxide into carbon and oxygen.

Question 11: How do animals get their food?

Answer: Animals get their food from plants. Some animals get their food by hunting other animals that feed on plants. Thus, all animals get their food directly or indirectly from plants.

Question 12: How do trees help to cool the atmosphere?

Answer: The leaves of trees give out a lot of water vapour which helps to cool the air.

Question 13: How do trees help to cause rain?

Answer: Trees help to cool the air above them. When rain clouds pass over the cool air, they condense and come down as rain.

Question 14: How do trees save the soil from being washed off?

Answer: The roots of trees hold the soil together and protect it from being washed off.

Question 15: Why did our ancient rishis live in forests?

Answer: Trees refresh the eyes and bring peace to the mind. That was why our ancient rishis lived in forests.

Question 16: What do you know about Shantiniketan?

Answer: ‘Shantiniketan’ means ‘Home of Peace’. It was a school by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. For this, he chose a place that was full of trees.

Question 17: How did our forests come to be destroyed?

Answer: Forests came to be destroyed with the growth of population. Very large number of trees were cut down to meet the increased demand for fuel and timber.

Question 18: Why should we not burn cattle-dung as fuel?

Answer: Cattle-dung can serve as very useful manure. It can maintain the fertility of soil. So, we should not burn it.

Question 19: How has the loss of trees harmed the atmosphere?

Answer: Now, we don’t have enough trees to treat all the carbon dioxide produced in our homes, factories and by our vehicles. Thus, the amount of carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmosphere which is very harmful.

So, these were God’s Greatest Gifts Questions & Answers.

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