All You Need is Paper Questions & Answers

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All You Need is Paper Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why does Bond called himself a ‘Compulsive Writer’?

Answer: Bond calls himself a compulsive writer because whenever he has an idea for a story, he would write with whatever was handy.

Question 2: Why does Bond call his first story as a ‘literary production’?

Answer: Bonds call his first story as a literary production because it involved a great deal of effort, especially at a young age.

Question 3: What fate did it meet?

Answer: The story was written on a packet of tissues intended to be used as toilet paper. The manuscript ended up being used for its original purpose by his friend who had to rush to the bathroom.

Question 4: What reaction does Bond have to the invention of the Xerox machine? Why?

Answer: Bond is happy about it since he could take copies of his work, especially important ones. It also meant that he didn’t have to worry about losing his stories.

Question 5: How do you think the kind editors Bond encountered in his early days contributed to his success?

Answer: The editors that Bond encountered in his early days were those who sent back his manuscripts with notes about improvement helped him in future, encouraged him to write more.

Question 6: A machine in front of me is rather daunting? Why does Bond think so? What is his preferred method of writing?

Answer: Bond feels a machine, be it a typewriter or a computer is something difficult to deal with. He preferred pen and paper as it is more personal and provides powerful impact which is absent with a machine.

Question 7: “That’s a story that I might like to write again”. What story is Bond referring to? What view does the story take of happiness?

Answer: Bond is referring to his story ‘Gone fishing’. Bond realises that his happiness is in small joys. He realises that happiness can be as elusive as a small fish darting away in a mountain stream.

Question 8: With five rupees, I could see three films or buy a couple of paper backs. How did Bond earn the five rupees? What does it tell you about his attitude towards life?

Answer: Bond earned five rupees for every story of his that got published. It tells us that Bond is a writer for writing’s sake, not for name’s sake. He lived happily and honestly.

Question 9: We are going to make paper bags? What are the paper bags to be made of? What motivates Bond to take such action?

Answer: The paper bags are to be made of the pages of a self-published book of a retired army man. The author’s lack of conviction in his work leads him to take his action.

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