An Old Friend Questions & Answers

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An Old Friend Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Affectionately – in a way that shows fondness
  • Murmur – a continuous low sound
  • Triumphantly – in a way that shows pride and happiness as if after a victory
  • Nectar – here, a liquid which the gods drink
  • Fragrance – a sweet smell
  • Tincture – a medicine consisting of alcohol and a small amount of a drug
  • Flutter – move through the air with small quick movements
  • Numerous – many
  • Weevils – a small insect that feeds on grains and seeds and destroy crops
  • Morose – sad and bad-tempered
  • Deafening – very loud
  • Blazed – lighted up excessively
  • Gleamed – shined

Question 1: List the uses of the neem tree?

Answer: The seed oil and soap of the neem tree can be used for various skin diseases. The bark can be used as tincture. Dried neem leaves can be kept in between books and clothes to protect them from insects. A tasty dish can be prepared by frying the neem buds with small pieces of brinjal.

Question 2: Why was Nimai a favourite of Shyamal’s grandfather?

Answer: Nimai was grandfather’s favourite tree because it was the place for grandfather’s morning prayers. In summers, he would sit under the tree for hours as the afternoon breeze started. He loved to see the neem flowers appearing from March to April, the air carrying their light fragrance and the greenish-yellow fruits ripening from June to August. For hours, he would sit there reading, writing or gazing at the numerous young leaves and loved to watch the birds and squirrels that lived in it.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

“His mother used to comfort him with the feather light touch of the neem leaves.”

(a) Who is being referred to as ‘he’ here?

Answer: Shyamal’s grandfather is being referred to as ‘he’ here.

(b) What had happened?

Answer: Shyamal’s grandfather had small pox.

(c) What did the neem leaves remind him of later in his life?

Answer: The neem leaves reminded him of his mother’s affectionate touch.

Question 4: Why did Shyamal’s father want to cut down the neem tree?

Answer: Shyamal’s father wanted to cut down the neem tree to make space for the garage for the new car.

An Old Friend Questions & Answers

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:

“How can you do that?”

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: This question was asked by Shyamal to his mother.

(b) What action of the listener is being referred to here?

Answer: Shyamal’s mother told him that his father said that they had to cut down Nimai to make place for a garage for the car.

(c) How did it make the speaker feel?

Answer: The speaker felt angry and sad and started crying.

Question 6: Why was Shyamal against cutting down Nimai?

Answer: Shyamal was against cutting down Nimai because his grandfather loved Nimai very much. To him, it was the memory of his grandfather which he wanted to cherish.

Question 7: What eventually happened to the neem tree?

Answer: A big bolt of lightning struck the neem tree and it was burnt.

Question 8: Why did Shyamal disappear with his servant? Where did he go?

Answer: Shyamal disappeared with his family servant, Prasad to get a new sapling. He went to his grandfather’s old gardener’s house and got a sapling.

Question 9: Do you think cutting down Nimai would have been the right thing to do?

Answer: Cutting down Nimai would not have been the right thing to do because everyone in the family had an emotional bonding with it. Shyamal had fond memories of his grandfather sitting under the neem tree. His grandmother would keep dry leaves of the tree in between books and clothes to keep away insects and prepare a tasty vegetable with its leaves and brinjal.

Question 10: What kind of a person is Shyamal? Do you think there are any similarities between Shyamal and his grandfather?

Answer: Shyamal was an affectionate boy who used to think a lot. He would listen attentively to his grandfather. Yes, there were similarities between Shyamal and his grandfather. Both were thoughtful people and loved trees.

Question 11: Do you think trees protect us from natural calamities and disasters? Discuss in context of the story.

Answer: Yes, trees protect us from natural calamities and disasters. In the story, when lightning struck, Nimai protected Shyamal’s father and saved his life, getting burnt down itself. Trees also reduce the damage caused by droughts, floods and tsunamis.

So, these were An Old Friend Questions & Answers.