Angels on Earth Questions & Answers

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Angels on Earth Questions & Answers

Question 1: What do newborn babies feed on and how?

Answer: Newborn babies feed on milk. Milk from the mother’s breast is ideally suited to the baby’s needs.

Question 2: What can be the best food for a newborn baby?

Answer: Mother’s milk is the best food for a newborn baby.

Question 3: What is the surest indication of a child’s good health?

Answer: Regular weight gain is the surest indication of a child’s good health.

Question 4: What should mothers do to keep their babies healthy?

Answer: Mothers should see that their babies remain clean and are well-fed. They should also have them vaccinated at the proper intervals.

Question 5: What is meant by weaning? What is meant by teething?

Answer: Weaning means a child gradually changing from breast feeding to eating solid foods. Teething means a baby starting to grow its first teeth through the gums.

Question 6: Are newborn babies really helpless? Do they need our help?

Answer: Yes, newborn babies are really helpless. They cannot even hold up their head and have to be supported at all times. But they are not so helpless in some ways. They can suck strongly to drink milk from the mother’s breast. They cry when they are hungry or uncomfortable. They can hear well and also recognize the voice of their mother.

Question 7: What different kinds of food are needed for a growing child?

Answer: Apart from milk, other different kinds of food that are needed for a growing child are cereals, mixed vegetables, fruit or other bland foods.

Question 8: ‘This is not important.’ What does ‘this’ here refer to?

Answer: ‘This’ here refers to the speed at which the baby develops.

Question 9: Name all the milk teeth a child has by the age of about 2.5 years.

Answer: By the age of two and a half, the child ‘cuts’ all the twenty milk teeth, i.e. four incisors, two cuspids and four molars each on the upper and the lower jaw.

Question 10: Should a mother be worried if her baby is not developing at about the same speed as the baby of another woman? Why?

Answer: No, the mother need not be worried since the speed at which a baby is developing has no bearing on how the child will fare in later years.

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