The Homecoming Questions & Answers

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The Homecoming Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was Phatik’s plan?

Answer: Phatik’s plan was to roll the log away from where it was lying. He wanted to annoy the owner and enjoy the fun.

Question 2: Why did Phatik say to Makhan, “I’ll thrash you.”?

Answer: There was a log lying on the bank of the river. Phatik and the other boys wanted to roll it away. But just then, Phatik’s younger brother, Makhan, came and sat down on the log. At this, Phatik was very angry. He said, “Makhan, get up this moment. If you don’t, I’ll thrash you.”

Question 3: What did Phatik ask his followers to do? What was the result?

Answer: Makhan was sitting on the log. Phatik asked his followers to roll the log. As the boys pushed the log, Makhan fell to the ground.

Question 4: What lie did Makhan tell about Phatik to his mother?

Answer: Makhan lied to his mother that Phatik had beaten him.

Question 5: Who was Bishamber? How did he offer to help his sister?

Answer: Bishamber was Phatik’s maternal uncle. He offered to take Phatik with him to Kolkata. He said that he would educate him there with his own children.

Question 6: How was Phatik treated by his aunt?

Answer: Phatik was treated by his aunt very unkindly.

Question 7: How did Phatik fare at his new school in Kolkata?

Answer: Phatik fared very badly. He proved to be the most backward boy in the whole school.

Question 8: What was Phatik’s condition when he was brought back by two policemen?

Answer: He was all wet and covered with mud. His face and eyes were red with fever. His limbs were trembling.

Question 9: What did Phatik’s aunt say on seeing him?

Answer: She called the boy a heap of trouble. She said to her husband, “Hadn’t you better send him home?”

Question 10: Who had sent for Phatik’s mother and why?

Answer: Bishamber had sent for Phatik’s mother. He knew that the boy’s condition was critical. He also knew that the boy was waiting for his mother to come.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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