As You Like It Questions & Answers

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As You Like It Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why had Charles the wrestler come to meet Oliver?

Answer: When Charles heard that Orlando had decided to participate in the wrestling match he came over to meet Oliver and asked him to dissuade Orlando from competing. He declared that although he did not want to harm Orlando but he would be required to defeat him for his own honour.

Question 2: Why was there a feeling of resentment between Orlando and Oliver?

Answer: Since Orlando and Oliver were not in the best of terms. Orlando thought that Oliver had been taking care of their younger brother Jacques, but was illtreating him thus; there was a feeling of resentment between both of them.

Question 3: What orders did Duke Fredrick give Oliver?

Answer: Duke Frederick believed that Rosalind and his daughter had run away with Orlando. This made him furious and so he ordered Oliver to find and bring them back.

Question 4: What did Adam ask Orlando to do? Why?

Answer: Adam told Orlando to flee from the land because he had learnt that Oliver was plotting against him.

Question 5: How did Rosalind know that Orlando was in the forest?

Answer: When Rosalind found her name and poems on the trees, she realized that Orlando too was in the forest.

Question 6: Why did Rosalind and Celia go to the forest?

Answer: Duke Frederick had decided to banish Rosalind to Arden as he had earlier banished her father. Celia, her cousin was unhappy with this and decided to accompany Rosalind into the forest.

As You Like It Questions & Answers

Question 7: How did Adam, an old family servant help Orlando when he reached home after his victory?

Answer: When Orlando reached home after his victory, Adam told him to flee that land because Oliver was plotting against him. Orlando disagreed for he had no other option of making a living. Adam gave Orlando his life’s savings and begged Orlando to take him along too.

Question 8: Describe how Rosalind and Celia disguised themselves.

Answer: Rosalind disguised herself as a young man called Ganymede in order to escape detection and Celia disguised herself as Ganymede’s sister Aliena. Then, they purchased a flock of sheep and a pasture and began to lead a rustic life.

Question 9: What did Oliver assure Charles of?

Answer: Oliver assured Charles that he need not be concerned about Orlando and encouraged him to do his best to harm Orlando.

Question 10: How did Orlando spend his time in the forest?

Answer: Orlando spent his time in the forest by writing poems on Rosalind. He carved her name on trees and hung the poems on the branches of the trees.

Question 11: How did Oliver and Orlando reconcile?

Answer: Orlando came across Oliver sleeping under a tree in the forest. He saved Oliver from a poisonous snake and attack by a lioness. Oliver was grateful to his younger brother and they both reconciled.

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