Birbal Questions & Answers

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Birbal Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Akbar wanted to inspect the ______

(a) forests
(b) kingdom
(c) royal treasury
(d) none of these

2. The Emperor stopped where gifts from the ______ Emperors were kept.

(a) Chinese
(b) Russian
(c) Italian
(d) Japanese

Question 2: Why did the courtiers meet Akbar secretly one night?

Answer: The courtiers met Akbar secretly one night because they grew jealous of the prominence Birbal was always given. They wanted to ask the Emperor why he always valued Birbal’s opinion than theirs. Why did the Emperor like Birbal so much?

Question 3: What did Akbar ask his courtiers to do in the treasury?

Answer: In the treasury, Akbar asked his courtiers to smash the most beautiful Ming vase.

Question 4: Why were the courtiers unwilling to do what the Emperor asked them to do?

Answer: The courtiers were unwilling to do what the Emperor asked them to do because it was the priceless vase. Also, they were scared that they would lose their neck if they would drop the vase and smash it.

Question 5: How did Birbal react to the Emperor’s command? What did Birbal prove by that reaction?

Answer: Birbal immediately obeyed the Emperor. He lifted the vase high above his head and threw it to the floor crushing it to a hundred pieces. By this reaction, Birbal proved to be the most obedient of all the courtiers. For him, the Emperor’s order was the most important.

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