Class 10 Amanda Important Questions & Answers

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Class 10 Amanda Important Questions & Answers

Question 1: Justify the title, Amanda!

Answer: The poet has rightly titled the poem Amanda because the whole poem centres around Amanda. The exclamation mark indicates that Amanda is commanded and addressed by her mother and it also reveals the dominating, authoritative, commanding and unsympathetic tone adopted by the mother in addressing her daughter.

Question 2: What habits of Amanda does her mother find annoying?

Answer: Amanda’s mother is annoyed with her daughter’s habit of not doing her homework, biting her nails, not tidying her room or cleaning her shoes and also sitting in a slouching position. She is also annoyed of Amanda’s habit of eating chocolate despite her acne and Amanda’s defiance and sulking.

Question 3: Do you think Amanda’s mother wants to develop in her a sense of cleanliness?

Answer: Yes, the fact that Amanda’s mother keeps telling her to clean her shoes, tidy up the room, not to bite her nails indicate that she wants to develop in her a sense of cleanliness.

Question 4: Do you admire Amanda’s habits? Why/Why not?

Answer: No, we cannot admire Amanda’s habits as it is not appreciable about a young girl who is not doing her homework, not tidying up her room, not cleaning her shoes, biting her nails and sitting with hunched shoulders. Moreover, she is not bothered about her health and eats chocolate that aggravates her acne problem. Also, she is disrespectful as she intentionally turns a deaf ear to her mother’s instructions. However, she certainly gains sympathy as she is constantly being nagged by her mother.

Question 5: Why doesn’t Amanda’s mother let her eat chocolate?

Answer: Amanda’s mother doesn’t let her eat chocolate because she knows that chocolate would aggravate her acne problem.

Question 6: How does Amanda lead a double life – the life of reality and the life of imagination?

Answer: On one hand, Amanda leads a life of reality and on the other hand, she leads the life of imagination. In her real life, she is constantly instructed by her mother what to do or what not to do and she is not allowed to live her life according to her own sweet will. So, she grows sick of her life. The world of imagination is in sharp contrast to the world of reality.

In the world of imagination, Amanda imagines herself to be a mermaid where she would be surrounded by a calm sea with emerald green water and she would glide gleefully in this placid sea and there would be no one to restrict her movements. She also imagines herself to be an orphan who can walk freely on the dusty path with her bare feet with no one to scold her. She further imagines herself to be Rapunzel a golden-haired girl in a German fairytale who was locked up by a witch in a tower. She feels that her isolation in the tower would relieve her from the constant chiding of her mother.

Thus, in contrast to the real world where she is subjected to the constant nagging by her mother, her world of imagination is world of freedom and bliss.

Question 7: Do you think Amanda’s mother is a concerned mother?

Answer: Yes, Amanda’s mother is definitely a concerned mother because she wants her daughter to developinto a well brought-up girl. She wants her to give up all the bad habits and listen to her elders attentively. However, we cannot appreciate mother’s nagging behaviour as it irritates the child and restricts her free development.

Question 8: What is the central idea of the poem ‘Amanda!’?

Answer: The poem revolves around the central idea of parent-child relationship. It deals with child psychology and suggests that the more the children are suppressed, the more defiant they become. Continuous chiding effects the child’s psychology adversely and he starts finding reality to be harsh and tries to shun reality indulging in day-dreaming or imagination.

The poem advises the parents to have healthy relations with children which will help in their overall development. Parents should understand the child’s psychology, treat them with affection and should give them some liberty which would be more effective in grooming them properly.
Also, the poem emphasizes the need for children not to escape the reality and listen to the advice of their elders.

So, these were Class 10 Amanda Important Questions & Answers.

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