Class 10 The Thief’s Story MCQ

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Class 10 The Thief’s Story MCQ.

Written by Ruskin Bond, this story deals with the relation of trust between a thief and a person who helps him.
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Class 10 The Thief’s Story MCQ

1. ‘Anil was watching a wrestling match….’. Why was the young boy watching the wrestling match because he:

(a) was looking for simple people to dupe.
(b) loved wrestling and followed it very closely.
(c) had been invited there by the wrestlers.
(d) was supposed to meet someone there.

2. ‘When I met Anil’. Which of the following explains ‘I’ in the sentence?

(a) Hari Singh
(b) The narrator
(c) Thief
(d) All of the above

3. When Hari Singh met Anil, what was his age?

(a) Fourteen
(b) Fifteen
(c) Nineteen
(d) Twenty

4. What is the narrator ‘a fairly successful hand’ at?

(a) Deceiving
(b) Wrestling
(c) Stealing
(d) Writing for magazines

5. “I hadn’t had much luck of late’ means that the boy hadn’t

(a) considered the role of fate in deceiving others.
(b) ever conned people successfully.
(c) been successful in duping people lately.
(d) understood the consequences of thievery till date.

6. What is the profession of Hari Singh? Hari Singh was a

(a) wrestler
(b) doctor
(c) bookseller
(d) thief

7. How has the narrator described Anil?

(a) Kind
(b) Simple
(c) Easy-going
(d) All of these

8. How did the narrator attempt at being friends with Anil?

(a) Teasing him
(b) Flattering him
(c) Introducing himself
(d) None of these

9. Anil was a single-looking, young man of _______ years of age?

(a) 20
(b) 25
(c) 28
(d) 30

Class 10 The Thief’s Story MCQ

10. What did the boy ask Anil for?

(a) To teach him
(b) To give him food
(c) To employ him
(d) To give him money

11. What was the name of the shop in which Anil lived in a room?

(a) Jumna Sweet Shop
(b) Brijwasi Sweet Shop
(c) Krishna Sweet Shop
(d) Roman Sweet Shop

12. Which of the following can’t describe the food that was made by Hari Singh?

(a) Terrible
(b) Scrumptious
(c) Awful
(d) Not good

13. How often did the boy change his name?

(a) Every month
(b) Every day
(c) Every week
(d) Every year

14. The boy used to change his name in order to stay ahead of

(a) Former employers
(b) Police
(c) Both of them
(d) None of them

15. ‘I just hung around,’ What does ‘hung around’ mean?

(a) To stay in or at a place for a period of time.
(b) To spend time and be friends.
(c) To pass time idly or in relaxing
(d) To do nothing

16. What did Anil do when he found that Hari Singh couldn’t cook?

(a) Told him that he will have to learn to cook.
(b) Started ordering food from outside.
(c) Told him that he will teach him how to cook.
(d) Kept a new person to cook food.

17. Anil made money ‘by fits and starts’ means that he

(a) put his money to use frequently.
(b) received money intermittently.
(c) deemed it fit to start investing money.
(d) started earning money in the recent past.

18. How did Hari Singh usually make a profit of about a rupee a day?

(a) By avoiding to spend on his basic needs.
(b) By selling books.
(c) By buying the day’s supplies.
(d) By selling newspapers.

Class 10 The Thief’s Story MCQ

19. The narrator thought that after being educated, he would

(a) become a nice person.
(b) achieve great success.
(c) become a doctor.
(d) attempt big scale robberies.

20. What all Anil decided to teach Hari Singh?

(a) To cook
(b) To write whole sentences
(c) To add numbers
(d) All of the above

21. Why was Hari Singh happy when Anil promised him to teach, how to write and add numbers?

(a) He knew that if he will become educated then there will not be anything he can’t achieve.
(b) He wanted to tell everyone that he is also educated.
(c) He wanted to become more educated than Anil.
(d) He always wanted someone who could teach him.

22. What did Anil do with the food?

(a) Anil gave it to a stray dog.
(b) Anil said he liked it.
(c) Anil was licking his fingers.
(d) Anil couldn’t have enough of it.

23. “a queer way to earn money”. What is the meaning of the word ‘queer’?

(a) Illegal
(b) Famous
(c) Strange
(d) Rare

24. What is the meaning of ‘in my line of work’?

(a) The work that a person does regularly in order to earn money.
(b) The work that a person does sometimes in order to waste money.
(c) The work that a person does in order to learn something.
(d) All of the above.

25. How did Anil bring home bundles of notes one day?

(a) He borrowed money from his friend.
(b) He stole the money.
(c) He sold one of his books to a publisher.
(d) He took loan from the bank.

26. Where did Anil tuck the money?

(a) Under the mat
(b) Under the mattress
(c) Under the sofa
(d) None of the above.

27. Who was the most trusting person whom the narrator had ever met?

(a) Publisher
(b) Anil
(c) Anil’s friend
(d) None of the above.

Class 10 The Thief’s Story MCQ

28. Hari Singh could easily rob Anil but what was that which made it difficult for him to rob Anil?

(a) Anil was egocentric man.
(b) Anil was a greedy man.
(c) Anil was someone who would not even know that his money had been robbed.
(d) Anil was a selfish man.

29. Who is easier to rob?

(a) A trusting man
(b) Anil
(c) A greedy man
(d) A careless man

30. ‘It was quite pleasant working for Anil’, Why?

(a) Narrator received a good salary for work.
(b) Narrator had to do light work and nothing much.
(c) Narrator learned to cook from Anil.
(d) Narrator had to do skillful work.

31. What takes all the pleasure out of work?

(a) When someone doesn’t notice they have been robbed.
(b) Robbing a careless man.
(c) Robbing a greedy man.
(d) Both (a) and (b)

32. When Hari Singh said that it’s time to do some real work, what did he mean by the real work?

(a) Robbing someone else not Anil.
(b) Robbing a big amount of money not just a rupee.
(c) Robbing a bank
(d) Stop robbing.

33. How according to the narrator, would Anil feel upon finding out about the theft?

(a) Sad
(b) Angry
(c) Acceptance
(d) Fear

34. What was the time to catch Lucknow Express?

(a) 10:30 am
(b) 10:30 pm
(c) 11:30 am
(d) 11:30 pm

35. When Anil came to know about Hari’s theft, he?

(a) Saved him
(b) Punished him
(c) Forgave him
(d) Hit him

36. What does the speaker mean by ‘…I’m out of practice’? The speaker meant that

(a) He had not committed any theft intentionally.
(b) He had not robbed anyone recently.
(c) He was not used to stealing.
(d) He had stopped stealing and theft.

Class 10 The Thief’s Story MCQ

37. Why was Hari Singh startled when he drew the money out?

(a) As Hari Singh drew out the money, Anil turned on his side towards Hari.
(b) As Hari Singh drew out the money, Anil did not move.
(c) As Hari Singh drew out the money, Anil caught Hari.
(d) As Hari Singh drew out the money, Anil woke up.

38. What happened after Hari Singh reached the station?

(a) Hari Singh went straight to the platform.
(b) Hari Singh did not stop at the ticket counter.
(c) Hari Singh did not buy ticket.
(d) All of the above.

39. For how long did Hari Singh wish to lead a luxurious life?

(a) For a week or two
(b) For a month
(c) For a year
(d) Life-long

40. Why was the narrator standing alone on the platform?

(a) He booked the ticket of another train.
(b) He reached the wrong station.
(c) The train had just left.
(d) He loves that place so he didn’t want to leave it.

41. Why did Hari Singh not jump into the train to board it?

(a) He could not gather courage to leave the place after stealing the money from his host.
(b) He had no money to pay the fare.
(c) He had no friends to go.
(d) He was scared of being caught by the cops.

42. Hari Singh didn’t have friends because

(a) Nobody liked him.
(b) He was a thief.
(c) He wanted to be alone.
(d) He thought that friends were more trouble than help.

43. Hari Singh decided to keep the money back under the mattress for

(a) He could lose his only friend.
(b) He had realised his mistake.
(c) He did not need it.
(d) He could lose his parents’ trust upon him.

44. “But neither his lips nor his eyes showed anything”. The given line shows that Anil

(a) had decided that he will not forgive him.
(b) became so angry that he didn’t want to say a single word nor did he want to see him again.
(c) was so generous that neither did he say a word of rebuke nor he showed it by his gestures that he knew about his guilt.
(d) was so shocked to know about the theft that he became speechless.

So, these were Class 10 The Thief’s Story MCQ.

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