Forever Green Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Forever Green Questions & Answers.

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Forever Green Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete these sentences:

1. The evergreens were the only trees on the slope that did not shed their leaves in autumn.
2. The sal and the mahogany said that the firs looked like porcupines with quills.
3. The sal could not help the shivering poplar because he had been sneezing all night.
4. With a quick shrug of the shoulders the young fir brushed off the snow and sprang back up.
5. Before the trees could admire their spring dresses, goats came up the hill and nibbled at their branches.

Question 2: Why did the trees of the forest become excited?

Answer: As autumn arrived in the Himalayas, the trees of the forest became excited. They watched their leaves turn yellow, curl up and fall from the branches. Spread with coloured leaves, the ground looked lovely.

Question 3: Why were the evergreen trees sad?

Answer: The evergreen trees were sad because they were the only ones who had prickly needles and did not shed any leaves in autumn. The other trees made fun of them because they were different. The sal and the mahogany said that they looked like porcupines with quills. The birds never made nests on their branches and travellers never stopped by for shade.

Question 4: What happened when the young fir saw the popular laughing?

Answer: When the young fir saw the popular laughing, he remarked that once she loses all her leaves, she will look so bare.

Question 5: What happened when the winter came?

Answer: When winter came, the ground turned white with snow. The poplar shivered and the sal sneezed all night.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

“That’s true. But I have been told they are mainly excited about next spring.”

(a) Who said these words to whom?

Answer: An older fir said these words to the young fir.

(b) Who are they talking about?

Answer: They are talking about the poplars.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

“What a pity!” cried the evergreens as they watched these poor trees.

(a) Why were the poor trees suffering?

Answer: The poor trees were suffering because of the cold.

(b) Were the evergreens really sad?

Answer: No, the evergreens were not really sad.

So, these were Forever Green Questions & Answers.

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