Sphinx Questions & Answers

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Sphinx Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Sphinx – an ancient Egyptian stone statue; it has a human head and the body of a lion
  • Mass of stone – a large piece of rock
  • Pharaohs – rulers of ancient Egypt
  • Caravans – groups of people with vehicles or animals travelling together, especially across a desert
  • Against the sky – vert tall and high at a high position
  • Gazing into history – the Sphinx has stood in its place for many centuries and has witnessed many important events in history; the poet imagines that it sometimes remembers the events of the past.
  • Holding fast to mystery – the Sphinx never tells about the historical events to anyone
  • Eternity – a very long period of time which seems to be never ending

Question 1: What is the Sphinx made of?

Answer: The Sphinx is made of stone.

Question 2: What are the caravans carrying?

Answer: The caravans are carrying silk and gold.

Question 3: Where are the caravans going?

Answer: The caravans are going to some old cities.

Question 4: Who is the Sphinx sitting with?

Answer: The Sphinx is sitting alone.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:

Waiting, watching, Sits alone.

(a) What does the speaker say the Sphinx is gazing into?

Answer: The speaker says that Sphinx is gazing into history.

(b) For how long has the Sphinx been silent?

Answer: The Sphinx has been silent for a very long time.

So, these were Sphinx Questions & Answers.

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