Goodbye Pasha Begum Questions & Answers

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Goodbye Pasha Begum Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

No one gets away after insulting a princess of the Timuriya Dynasty.

(a) Name the speaker?

Answer: The speaker was Roshan (Roshanara), the Mughal princess.

(b) What was insulting to the speaker?

Answer: Bindi had refused to work as Roshanara had commanded her and argued with the princess.

(c) What did she do next?

Answer: Roshanara raised her whip to hit Bindi.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

What are you doing Roshan? How many times have I told you that no one will be whipped?

(a) Name the speaker?

Answer: The speaker was Jahanara, the Pasha Begum.

(b) How was the speaker related to Roshan?

Answer: The speaker was the elder sister of Roshan.

(c) What does the sentence tell us about the speaker?

Answer: We get to know that the speaker was a kind lady.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

Aurangzeb went to Agra and brought Jahanara back to Delhi. He made her the head of the harem again. During her father’s reign she was called Begum Sahib, but Aurangzeb gave her the new title of Pasha Begum, the Princess Royal.

(a) Name the speaker?

Answer: The speaker was Bindi’s mother.

(b) Who was the speaker talking about?

Answer: The speaker was talking about Jahanara.

(c) Why did Aurangzeb bring Jahanara back?

Answer: Aurangzeb brought Jahanara back to make her the head of harem.

Question 4: What places did Bindi and her family visit in Delhi?

Answer: Bindi and her family visited Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, and the Red Fort in Delhi.

Question 5: What did Bindi want to do on her holiday?

Answer: Bindi wanted to do exciting things during her vacations. She wanted to shop, eat the street food of Delhi, and visit shopping malls.

Question 6: Why did Bindi want to rest?

Answer: Bindi wanted to rest as she was tired and bored. Her feet were aching and her eyes were tired.

Question 7: Where was Bindi when she woke up? What happened with her there?

Answer: When Bindi woke up, it was night and she found herself in a room lit by candles. Her family and tourists had vanished. A short woman asked her to ‘get back to work’. When Bindi refused, the woman asked her maids to tie Bindi up so that she could be punished.

Question 8: Where did Pasha Begum and Bindi go?

Answer: Bindi and Pasha Begum went to the terrace from where they could see the river Jumuna.

Question 9: What did Pasha Begum’s room look like?

Answer: Pasha’s room was quiet with niches in wall that had many books.

Question 10: What happened when Bindi tried to touch Pasha Begum?

Answer: Pasha Begum vanished when Bindi tried to touch her and Bindi woke up from her dream.

Question 11: Why did the Mughals prefer to call themselves Timuriya?

Answer: The Mughals preferred to call themselves Timuriya as they were descendants of the Persian conqueror Timur the Lame.

Question 12: Why do you think Bindi didn’t tell her family about the episode?

Answer: Bindi didn’t tell her family about the episode because Bindi thought that her parents wouldn’t believe her that she went into another time zone.

Question 13: Do you think history fascinated Bindi right from the beginning of the story? Why/Why not?

Answer: No, history did not interest Bindi initially. She wanted to eat chaat and do shopping. Also, she gloomily dragged along with her family.

Question 14: What according to you, made Bindi start developing interest in history?

Answer: When Bindi entered the real world of Rang Mahal and saw the Persian carpets, candles, lamps and the life in the Harem, she developed interest in history.

So, these were Goodbye Pasha Begum Questions & Answers.

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