How To Create Reusable Block In Gutenberg Editor

How To Create Reusable Block In Gutenberg Editor

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am going to share How ToCreate Reusable Block In Gutenberg Editor. Do you regularly use the samecontent blocks? If you use, then you will love the reusable blocks. Itpermits you to save any content block and reuse them in any post.

In this post, I will show you the steps to easily create reusable block in Gutenberg editor. I will also show you how to add these reusable blocks in other posts and pages.

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What is a Reusable Block in Gutenberg Editor?

A reusable block is a block which is actually acontent block saved to be used later.

Many people save their content snippet as files to usethem later by the copy and paste method.

Gutenberg editor solves this problem by launching thereusable block.

Below are some ways in which a reusable block can helpyou:-

  • Reusing tables
  • Adding forms to your pages
  • Adding call-to-action buttons to yourposts
  • Easily adding inline affiliatebanners
  • And many more…

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Now, let’s take a look at how to create reusable blockin Gutenberg editor.

How To Create Reusable Block In Gutenberg Editor


  • Create a fresh post or edit an old post.
  • Now click on Add new block button an then choose your block which you want to save.
Adding the Block to Create Reusable Blocks In Gutenberg Editor
Adding the Block


  • For example – I am adding theparagraph block and writing something in it.
  • Like the same way, add the content toyour block.
  • After editing, click on the Threedot menu on the top left side of the block.
  • Now, click on Add to ReusableBlocks option.
Create Reusable Blocks In Gutenberg Editor
Create Reusable Blocks In Gutenberg Editor


  • Now,enter the name for your block which you will easily be able to see andrecognize fast.
  • Finally,click on the Save button and boom your Reusable block has been created.

So, these were the steps to create reusable blocks in Gutenbergeditor.

You can also add this block to other posts and pages. Iwill share how to the reusable blocks in my next post.

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