How To Disable Autosave In Gutenberg Editor

How To Disable Autosave In Gutenberg Editor

Hi Everybody!! This post is about How To DisableAutosave In Gutenberg Editor. The Gutenberg update came with a very goodfeature that is Autosaving of the post. However, many people are facing problemswith the autosave feature of Gutenberg. Some people’s website WordPressdashboard or editor freezes when it starts autosaving, they say that it doesn’thappen when they save it manually. In some cases, when you stop typing for awhile, and start typing after it, autosave starts working and the cursor movesto the start of the block. In this post, I am going to list the steps toDisable Autosave In Gutenberg Editor. So, let’s start the post.

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How To Disable Autosave In Gutenberg Editor


  • LogIn to your website’s WordPress Dashboard or AdminPanel.
  • Hoveryour mouse over Plugins present on the left menu and click on Add New.


Disable Autosave In Gutenberg using Disable Gutenberg Autosave
Disable Gutenberg Autosave

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As soon as you activate the plugin, it willautomatically disable autosave in Gutenberg Editor. If you want to change somesettings of the plugin follow Step-3.


  • Openany post. You will see a clock icon, click on it.
  • Therewill be a list of options to choose from. To disable autosave in Gutenbergeditor choose the Disabled option from it.

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Additional Information

You can also choose the time of interval fromthe option after which it will automatically save the post after a particularinterval of time. This option will save your time and effort. But check thatafter enabling this option you don’t have any problems like I mentioned at the start.The interval option are given bellow:-

  • 10 seconds
  • 30 seconds
  • 1 minute
  • 5 minutes
  • 10 minutes
  • 30 minutes

So, these were some steps to Disable Autosave InGutenberg Editor. If you have any doubts/suggestions regarding the post thenplease comment in the comment box below. If hope this article was helpful andinformative and you found what you were searching for. So, please share thepost to spread the message.

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