I am Born Questions & Answers

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I am Born Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where did Miss Betsey Trotwood live?

Answer: Miss Betsey Trotwood lived in a cottage in a small village on the sea coast.

Question 2: How did David’s mother know that the stranger walking up the garden was Miss Betsey Trotwood?

Answer: David’s mother knew that the stranger walking up the garden was Miss Betsey Trotwood as her husband had already told her about Miss Betsey and she recognized her from that description.

Question 3: How do you know that David’s mother was a shy and timid person?

Answer: We know that David’s mother was a shy and timid person because the way Miss Betsey commands David’s mother made her nervous and she immediately obeyed her. She also began to cry as she thinks it was her fault.

Question 4: Although Miss Betsey Trotwood was stiff and stern, she was also kind. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Write a reason for your answer.

Answer: I agree with the statement that Miss Betsey was also kind as she was ready to take the responsibility of being a friend and godmother of the unborn child.

Question 5: Why did Peggoty send for the doctor?

Answer: When Peggoty came in with the tea and show how ill David’s mother looked, she sent for the doctor.

Question 6: What was Miss Betsey doing when the doctor came downstairs?

Answer: When the doctor came downstairs, Miss Betsey was walking up and down the room.

Question 7: “Ans she-how is she?” Who did Miss Betsey mean by ‘she’? Why did Mr. Chillip not understand her?

Answer: By ‘she’ Miss Betsey meant the baby. Mr Chillip did not understand her because he thought she knew that the baby was a boy.

Question 8: What did Miss Betsey do when the baby boy was born? Why do you think she did that?

Answer: When the baby boy was born, Miss Betsey did not say a word. She put on her bonnet and walked straight out of the house. She did that because she was disappointed as the baby was not a girl.

Question 9: Choose the correct options:

1. Miss Betsey Trotwood was angry with David Copperfield’s father because

(a) he had married a very young woman.
(b) he had never visited Miss Betsey after he got married.
(c) he was once her favourite nephew and he had quarreled with her.

2. We know that David Copperfield’s mother was young because

(a) she obeyed Miss Betsey.
(b) Miss Betsey said that she was just a baby.
(c) she began to cry.

3. Miss Betsey told David Copperfield’s mother that she wanted to be the baby’s

(a) aunt.
(b) great-aunt.
(c) godmother.

4. David Copperfield’s mother looked ill because

(a) she felt cold.
(b) she did not like Miss Betsey.
(c) she was about to give birth to a baby.

So, these were I am Born Questions & Answers.

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