King and The Parrot Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share King and The Parrot Questions & Answers.

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King and The Parrot Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did the host king present to his guest?

Answer: The host king presented two lovely parrots to his guest.

Question 2: Who was able to make the second parrot fly?

Answer: The famer was able to make the second parrot fly.

Question 3: Choose the correct option:

1. The king called the best trainer to_________

(a) teach the parrots to speak
(b) train the parrots
(c) make them sing sweetly

2. The surprise that the king had the next morning was that___________

(a) the parrot was ill
(b) the parrot was flying
(c) the parrot was missing

3. The parrot had the qualities to fly but it did not have _______

(a) courage
(b) proper wings
(c) knowledge of where to fly

Question 4: Where did the king go one day?

Answer: One day, the king went to visit his neighbouring kingdom.

Question 5: What two things did the king do when he came back from his visit?

Answer: As soon as the king returned from his visit, he asked to arrange a place in the palace garden for the two parrots. He also called for a bird trainer in order to train the parrots.

Question 6: What did he tell the bird trainer?

Answer: The king told the bird trainer to train the two parrots as he was the best trainer in the kingdom.

Question 7: What problem did the bird trainer face?

Answer: One day, the trainer came to the king and said that while he could make one parrot fly high, the other parrot refused to fly or even move from the branch since the day it had arrived.

Question 8: One day when the king was lost in deep thought….’
Why do think the king was lost in deep thought?

Answer: One of the king’s parrots did not move from its branch since the day it had arrived. None of the bird trainers could make it fly. Thus, the king was lost in deep thought as he did not know how to make the bird fly.

Question 9: How did the poor farmer solve the problem of the king?

Answer: The poor farmer simply cut the branch of the tree on which the other parrot would always sit. Next morning, the king was surprised to see that the second parrot was flying high in the sky.

Question 10: What two qualities didn’t allow it to fly?

Answer: The parrot was skilled in flying but it lacked the courage to take the first step. It did not want to come out of its comfort zone and also doubted its own ability to fly. The lack of courage and confidence prevented the bird from flying.

Question 11: You must’ve read about the mountaineers climbing up steep mountain slopes. How do you think they are able to perform such a difficult task?

Answer: Mountaineers are the people who never lack courage to take risks in their lives. They are the brave, determined and confident people who believe in their abilities to attain success even in difficult circumstances. They are daring enough to push themselves beyond the limits to have varied experiences in life.

Question 12: Read this sentence and answer the questions that follow.

“The bird is still not moving from its branch.”

(a) Who says this to whom?

Answer: The king says this line to all the bird trainers.

(b) Which bird is being talked about?

Answer: The second parrot is being talked about.

(c) Why does the speaker say ‘still’?

Answer: The speaker says ‘still’ as several attempts have been made to make the parrot fly.

(d) What happens next in the story?

Answer: A poor farmer comes to offer his services to the king.

Question 13: ‘The king was doubtful but still he allowed the farmer to try,’ Why do you think the king was doubtful and yet he let the farmer try?

Answer: The king was doubtful because none of the bird trainers could make the parrot fly. Even the best trainer was unable to make bird move. Thus, the king doubted how a poor farmer could make the bird fly when all the bird trainers had failed to do so.

So, these were King and The Parrot Questions & Answers.

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