Living in the Age of Google Questions & Answers

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Living in the Age of Google Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Rebuking – expressing sharp disapproval
  • Animation – technique in which images are recreated to move
  • Surfing – (here) to use the net
  • Spanking – scolding/ verbal abuse/ humiliation
  • Furiously – angrily
  • Graphics – visual images produced by computer
  • Consolidate – strengthen one’s statement or point
  • Doze off – to sleep
  • Recreation – enjoyment/ do something for pleasure
  • Irrational – not based on reason/clear thought
  • Obesity – overweight
  • Convinced – succeeded in making believe
  • Judiciously – with sense/carefully considered
  • Interrupted – discontinued temporarily
  • Rational – using reason
  • Harnessed – brought under control/ utilise

Question 1: What made Rupesh’s father angry?

Answer: Rupesh poor grades made Rupesh’s father angry.

Question 2: What according to Rupesh was useful for his studies?

Answer: According to Rupesh, use of smart phone and TV was useful for his studies. He could find e-books on the net as well as audio-visual educational material.

Question 3: What according to Mr. Ramesh was rubbish?

Answer: According to Mr. Ramesh, sending and receiving messages, chatting, uploading, downloading and poking was rubbish.

Question 4: What did Rupesh and his father discuss about social networking sites?

Answer: Rupesh explained that through social networking websites, all of us whether near or far are in constant touch with each other. Moreover, we don’t need to remember contacts or anniversaries as these sites remind us all and make us closer and nearer. Due to internet, the world has become a smaller place and we have become more social.

Mr Ramesh believed that merely following people on twitter, Facebook and having few followers, one can’t claim to be social. There is no benefit if one is in touch with all the social networking sites but he is not having time to talk to his family members. Also, virtual world cannot provide the warmth of relationships.

Question 5: What was Rupesh’s father afraid of?

Answer: Rupesh’s father was afraid of the younger generation being so interested in violence and crime related programmes.

Question 6: How did Mr. Ramesh consolidate?

Answer: Mr. Ramesh consolidated that we should use technology only when we need a little recreation or genuinely need some information. However, it is harmful when we use it throughout the day and it hampers our health and study.

Question 7: What was Mr. Ramesh proud of?

Answer: Mr. Ramesh was proud of his son, Rupesh as he had received an international online certificate from a prestigious university and was selected to go abroad for a talk on his online project.

Question 8: What according to you should be the judicious use of information and communication technology?

Answer: According to me, we should use technology only when we need a little recreation or genuinely need some information. We should use it for a limited period of time and for a good cause.

Question 9: Write whether the following sentences are ‘true’ or ‘false’:

1. Rupesh got excellent marks in all the subjects – False
2. Mr. Ramesh was angry to know about his son’s poor result – True
3. Rupesh used his mobile phone to play games all the time – False
4. Mr. Ramesh was totally against the use of technology by his son – False
5. Rupesh received the international singing award – False

Question 10: Fill in the blanks by referring to the context:

1. Rupesh’s father was eagerly waiting for his son.
2. Rupesh could gather information through demonstration classes and video-chats.
3. “Through internet, Rupesh could download and save all what he needed for reference and studies.
4. Rupesh got updated through the news and other informative channels.
4. Technology saves money and time.
5. Excessive and irrational use of electronic gadgets may lead to headache, eye problem, hypertension and obesity etc.
6. Rupesh received an international online certificate from a prestigious university.

So, these were Living in the Age of Google Questions & Answers.

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