Newspaper Questions & Answers

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Newspaper Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Harshit see at the gate?

Answer: Harshit saw a newspaper lying at the gate.

Question 2: Why did Harshit get surprised?

Answer: Harshit got surprised as the newspaper greeted him ‘Good Morning’.

Question 3: Where was newspaper born?

Answer: Newspaper was born in Germany in the late 1400 A.D. in the form of news pamphlet.

Question 4: When was newspaper successfully published for the first time?

Answer: The newspaper was successfully published for the first time by the name of ‘weekly newspaper’ in 1622.

Question 5: When did the newspaper come to India?

Answer: The newspaper came to India in 1766 when a British editor, William Bolts started it in English to criticize the ruling East India Company.

Question 6: What are the contents of a newspaper?

Answer: Newspapers are full of local, national and international news and views related to politics, social affairs, games and sports, entertainment and weather forecast.

Question 7: How is reading newspaper useful to students?

Answer: Reading newspaper is useful to students as it helps in enhancing their knowledge and improve their habit of reading.

Question 8: Who am I?

1. I entertain you day and night.
I run by electricity.
I am audio-visual gadget.

Answer: Television

2. I am made up of paper.
I visit your home early.
You use me to cover books and copies.

Answer: Newspaper

3. I help people to chat.
I get into your pocket.
You say ‘Hello! Hello!’ with me.

Answer: Mobile phone

4. Children come to me everyday.
They come to learn and play.
My name starts with letter ‘S’.

Answer: School

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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