Pinocchio Becomes A Real Boy Questions & Answers

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Pinocchio Becomes A Real Boy Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) For what did Pinocchio save money?

i. food
ii. a new suit
iii. shoes

(b) How many baskets did Pinocchio make at night?

i. eight
ii. ten
iii. sixteen

(c) With joy and wonder, tell us that Pinocchio was?

i. amazed
ii. very happy
iii. all of these

Question 2: What did Pinocchio hate earlier?

Answer: Pinocchio hated hard work earlier.

Question 3: Whom did Pinocchio meet on his way to the market?

Answer: On his way to market, Pinocchio met snail.

Question 4: What did Pinocchio dreamt of?

Answer: In his dream, Pinocchio saw the good fairy who smiled and said “In return for your kindness I forgive all your past mistakes. Children who love their parents and help them when they are sick, get praise and love. Be good in future and you will be happy”.

Question 5: Read this sentence and answer the questions:

“In return for your kindness I forgive all your past mistakes”

(a) Who said these words to whom.

Answer: The good fairy said these words to Pinocchio.

(b) Why did the speaker say this?

Answer: She said this because Pinocchio had worked hard to help the fairy when she was ill.

(c) What does ‘Kindness’ refer to.

Answer: ‘Kindnesses’ here refers to the sacrifice Pinocchio made for helping the fairy. He gave his saved money to help her and worked till midnight.

(d) What happens next?

Answer: Pinocchio become a normal boy like others and was no longer a puppet.

Question 6: What surprise awaited Pinocchio?

Answer: When Pinocchio woke up, a surprise awaited him he was no longer a puppet, but a normal boy just like others.

Question 7: What did Pinocchio say to himself?

Answer: Pinocchio said to himself, “How bad I was when I was a puppet! How happy I am to have become a real boy!”

Question 8: Why did Pinocchio work hard?

Answer: Pinocchio worked hard to take care of his parents.

Question 9: Why did Pinocchio say “I did not like any at shop”?

Answer: Pinocchio said so because he did not want to hurt his father Geppetto by telling the truth.

Question 10: Find Out

(a) The writer of the Story

Answer: Carlo Collodi.

(b) How much is two shillings?

Answer: Two Shillings are equal to twenty-four pence.

(c) In which country this story takes Place?

Answer: This story takes place in Italian Village.

Question 11: Why was Pinocchio sorry?

Answer: Pinocchio was sorry for all the troubles and pain he had given to his father Geppetto.

Question 12: Who do you think the kind fairy was?

Answer: The kind fairy must have been Pinocchio’s guardian angel who guided him in the right direction.

Question 13: Do you tell truth even when you do something wrong or do you lie to save yourself? Give reason.

Answer: I tell the truth even when I do something wrong. If I lie, it would make me feel guilty.

Question 14: Write the adjectives that describe the people: –

Answer: Pinocchio now – Hardworking, Loving, Kind

Pinocchio earlier – Naughty, Lazy, Unkind.

So, these were Pinocchio Becomes A Real Boy Questions & Answers.

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