Save The Children Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Save the Children Questions & Answers.

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Save the Children Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct answer(s).

1. What were Jai’s plans for the holidays?

(a) He was going to make new friends.
(b) He was going to sleep a lot.
(c) He was looking forward to being pampered by his grandmother.

2. Who was Shantu?

(a) He was an abandoned boy of ten years.
(b) He was a friend of Jai.
(c) He was a boy travelling to Mumbai with his family on the same train as Jai.

3. What are children like Shantu known as?

(a) criminals
(b) homeless children
(c) whizz-kids

4. Why was Shantu left behind by his own father?

(a) Shantu was a naughty boy and he was left behind as a punishment.
(b) He was not loved by his family.
(c) His family was so poor that they could no longer look after him, his three brothers and two sisters.

5. What is the practice of making children work called?

(a) exploited labour
(b) child labour
(c) young labour

Question 2: What do you think would have happened to Shantu’s other brothers and sisters?

Answer: I think they would also be left like Shantu by their parents or be sold.

Question 3: How are parents tricked into sending their own children off to work?

Answer: The parents are contacted by someone they knew. This person promises them a better life for the children. He promises to send the children to school or give them houses to live in. But in reality, he later forces them to work in factories. That is how, the parents are tricked into sending their own children off to work.

Question 4: What kind of life do working children lead?

Answer: Working children lead a miserable life. They are forced by their heads to sing and dance on the streets. They are forced to work under horrible conditions. They work for long hours, sometimes sixteen hours a day. Sometimes, they don’t get food to eat and if they do something wrong, they are badly punished.

Question 5: In what kinds of work/factories are small children employed?

Answer: Small children are employed in silk factories, cracker factories, construction sites and saris factories.

Question 6: In what kind of conditions do such abandoned children live?

Answer: Abandoned children live in terrible conditions.  They stay wherever they get some money, food and shelter. When things get bad, they run away to another place. Nobody is there to take care for them or love them. They often feel lonely and miss their families.

Question 7: Why do you think Jai’s life changed for ever after meeting Shantu?

Answer: In few hours, Jai’s life totally changed. He became aware of so many things that he had taken for granted like how street children spend their life without parents. From then, whenever he saw another poor kid, he would remember Shantu.

So, these were Save the Children Questions & Answers.

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