The Amazing Zoo Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Amazing Zoo Questions & Answers.

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The Amazing Zoo Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. All the animals in the Amazing Zoo lived ________.

(a) peacefully
(b) angrily
(c) furiously

2. The bear wanted a ________.

(a) head massage
(b) haircut
(c) hairstyle

3. The lady giraffe had to attend the _________ birthday party.

(a) lion’s
(b) monkey’s
(c) penguin’s

4. The monkey took the _______ and hid them behind his back.

(a) towel
(b) scissors
(c) comb

Question 2: Number the following sentences in the order in which they appear in the story.


…4…Ram Prasad reached the lady giraffe’s house.
…2…The baby elephant picked up the tin box and handed it to Ram Prasad.
…5…The lion caught hold of Ram Prasad.
…3…Ram Prasad took out his diary to see who was next.
…1…Ram Prasad had a set timetable.

Question 3: Who was Ram Prasad?

Answer: Ram Prasad was the only hair stylist in the Amazing Zoo.

Question 4: Who did Ram Prasad visit on Wednesdays?

Answer: On Wednesdays, Ram Prasad visited the lion, giraffe, bear, elephant and the monkey.

Question 5: What did Ram Prasad have in his box?

Answer: In his box, Ram Prasad had all the tools – a pair of scissors for trimming, a pair of scissors for cutting and an extra pair of scissors, in case of emergency. He had three combs — a big comb, a medium-sized comb and a small comb. He also had two towels, very clean and colourful.

Question 6: What did the elephant want?

Answer: The elephant wanted a fringe for his little baby.

Question 7: Why did the lion want his mane to be trimmed?

Answer: The lion wanted his mane to be trimmed because there was a family function and he wanted to look good.

Question 8: What made the lion angry?

Answer: When the lion saw monkey chipping his baby lion’s tail, he got angry.

Question 9: What did the lion explain to the monkey at the end?

Answer: At the end, the lion explained to the monkey that our actions and jokes should be such that we don’t hurt anybody. We should never hurt anyone even in fun.

Question 10: Read this sentence and answer the questions that follow.

“Sir Lion, he is a small foolish animal.”

(a) Identify the speaker.

Answer: Ram Prasad is the speaker.

(b) Who is referred to as ‘he’?

Answer: Monkey is referred to as ‘he’.

(c) Why does the speaker say so?

Answer: The speaker said so because he took pity on the mischievous monkey and wanted lion to forgive him.

(d) What happens next?

Answer: The lion taught monkey a lesson and told him that our actions and jokes should be such that we don’t hurt anybody. We should never hurt anyone even in fun. The monkey said sorry for the mistake that he had done. Seeing that the monkey had learnt a lesson, the lion let him go with a warning.

So, these were The Amazing Zoo Questions & Answers.

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