The Boy With The Flute Questions & Answers

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The Boy With The Flute Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. Mr. Sethi met a gangster on his way to the hotel.
2. Mr. Sethi had come all the way from Delhi to meet somebody.
3. Mr. Sethi’s name was among the first thirty wealthiest men in the country.
4. The gangster carried a gun in the rolled up newspaper.
5. The gangster gagged Mr. Sethi with his own necktie.
6. Mr Sethi remembered a long forgotten hymn.
7. The boy with the flute worked in a foundry.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Mr. Sethi was walking in a ________ street.

(a) dark and filthy
(b) lighted and clean
(c) dark and light

2. Mr Sethi was one of the thirty __________ men in the country.

(a) poorest
(b) richest
(c) midst

3. Mr. Sethi met a ___________ in the street.

(a) gangster
(b) lawyer
(c) businessman

4. The gangster had a __________ in the newspaper.

(a) gun
(b) bread
(c) pen

5. The little boy had a __________ with him.

(a) flute
(b) gun
(c) pen

6. Mr. Sethi wanted to give ________ to the boy.

(a) bread
(b) money
(c) flute

Question 3: Who was Mr. Sethi? What was he doing in that filthy street?

Answer: Mr. Sethi was among the thirsty richest men in the country. He came all the way from Delhi in that filthy street in Kolkata to meet somebody.

Question 4: How did Mr. Sethi try to confront the gangster?

Answer: Mr. Sethi tried to confront the gangster by saying that he just had to report his name and the whole police force would be after him. He could get him caught by the police.

Question 5: What did the gangster do to Mr. Sethi?

Answer: The gangster tied him with a necktie and put his handkerchief in his mouth and took all the wealth he had.

Question 6: How did Mr. Sethi feel when he was gagged and tied to a chair?

Answer: Mr. Sethi retched several times. He tried to scream but the handkerchief, only bit deeper into his gullet. He could hear the accelerating pumping of his heart. He made a heroic attempt to get up, to break his bonds, but succeeded only in tipping the chair. He laid on the floor, amidst the slush, tied as severely as before, convinced that he was dying.

Question 7: Which long forgotten hymn did Mr Sethi remember?

Answer: The long forgotten hymn that Mr Sethi remember was:

From evil lead me to good; from darkness to light, from death to deathlessness.

Question 8: Who was the boy with the flute? How did he help Mr. Sethi?

Answer: The boy with the flute was working in the foundry behind the cinema. He used to carry sand from one place to another. He untied Mr. Sethi and made him comfortable.

Question 9: What efforts did Mr. Sethi make to find out the boy with the flute?

Answer: Mr. Sethi had all the foundries of Calcutta scanned and rescanned. He had employed to the task a detective agency, the department of the police as also the local branch of the Chamber of Commerce.

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