The New Facility Questions & Answers

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The New Facility Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write who said the following statements:

1. Why don’t you come and help me? – Mayi
2. You know, sister, that I love playing – Suran
3. Brother, brother, a policeman! – Kami
4. What Herath? Is that your full name? – Lokan
5. It must be somebody’s mischief – Herath
6. Show me the incomplete one – Lokan
7. Can a small germ cause such dreaded diseases? – Herath

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. _________ was working at the grinding stone in one corner of the courtyard.

(a) Suran
(b) Herath
(c) Mayi

2. Rani and ___________ were too young to even turn the grinding stone a couple of times.

(a) Mayi
(b) Kami
(c) Sugathan

3. Suran spent all his time ________ and avoiding any work.

(a) dancing
(b) playing
(c) eating

4. Lokan was a ___________ inspector.

(a) sanitary
(b) police
(c) drug

5. Nikunt thought that the inspector wanted to refresh himself __________.

(a) delightfully
(b) urgently
(c) slowly

6. All of them nodded and looked towards the ___________ toilet.

(a) new
(b) old
(c) fancy

Question 3: Why was Suran scolded by Herath?

Answer: Suran was scolded by Herath because he used to spend all his time eating and avoided any work.

Question 4: Was there a policeman outside? What was he actually?

Answer: No, there was no policeman outside. He was actually a sanitary inspector, Lokan.

Question 5: What had Lokan come for?

Answer: Lokan had come to check whether there were latrines in the houses in the vicinity of the temple or not.

Question 6: How much time did Lokan give to build a latrine in the house?

Answer: Lokan gave two weeks’ time to build a latrine in the house.

Question 7: How is a latrine better than going to the thicket?

Answer: Going to the thicket leads to the spread of the germs and insects that are injurious to health. They cause diseases. However, while using latrines, these germs are not born and we can live a healthier life.

Question 8: Why did Herath not build the latrine in the first two weeks? What excuse did he give?

Answer: Herath did not build the latrine in the first two weeks because he felt no need of it. He thought that they live deep inside and had a lot of thickets so, they didn’t need latrines.

Herath gave an excuse that he had been busy in the fields so, couldn’t start making the latrine.

Question 9: What lesson did the children learn at school?

Answer: At school, the children learnt the lesson on hygiene. They learnt that germs and insects are injurious to health as they cause diseases.

Question 10: What did Herath wonder about germs and insects?

Answer: Herath wondered that how can a small germ can cause dreaded diseases. He also wondered that the way mosquitoes and other insects bite us, the human should be finished in no time.

Question 11: What did Herath finally decide for his family members?

Answer: Finally, Herath decided that though it might look inconvenient but they would be using latrine.

So, these were The New Facility Questions & Answers.

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