The Mustached Men Questions & Answers

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The Mustached Men Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write who said the following statements:

1. Beware of my mustaches. They are my honour – Choudhary
2. Sir I have a way out – Barber
3. Why will they get their mustaches clean shaven – Choudhary
4. What are you seeing up there? – Old man
5. You can’t see what I can – Choudhary
6. See, how splendid the scenery up there is! Hail Lord Shiva! – Old man

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. And the most __________ man in the village was Choudhary Shamsher Singh.

(a) intelligent
(b) strong
(c) respected

2. In contrast to the Choudhary, the barber sported only a thin line of ___________.

(a) mustaches
(b) beard
(c) light

3. The barber wanted to flee before the Choudhary could realise his __________.

(a) mischief
(b) intelligence
(c) feelings

4. The ___________ got a clean shave and then walked to the village square with confident steps.

(a) old man
(b) Choudhary
(c) barber

5. The old man walked away and was back in a short time without his ___________.

(a) mustaches
(b) hair
(c) beard

6. The only man who made out _________ out of this was the barber.

(a) respect
(b) gold
(c) money

Question 3: What did the people of the village think themselves to be?

Answer: The people of the village thought themselves to be brave.

Question 4: What types of mustaches could be seen in the village?

Answer: In the village, everybody was keeping mustaches, big and enormous. However, all of them were not alike. Some went across the face with the tips going upwards, and some joined it with their whiskers, and there were a few young people who joined their mustaches with the beard.

Question 5: How had Choudhary Shamsher Singh become the sarpanch?

Answer: Choudhary Shamsher Singh had become the sarpanch or headman of the village just by the virtue of his formidable mustaches. He had the longest of mustaches in the village twisted upwards going right up to the ears.

Question 6: What did the Choudhary warn the barber?

Answer: The Choudhary warned the barber to beware of his mustaches as they were his honour. He warned him to be very careful and keep his razor away from them.

Question 7: How did the barber happen to cut off the Choudhary’s mustaches?

Answer: The Choudhary had asked the barber to trim out the hair projecting out of his nose. The barber nodded. He carefully placed his razor just above the Choudhary’s mustaches, and as he was about to trim the hair projecting out of his nostrils, he sneezed. With it, the razor came down over the upper lip of the Choudhary cutting one-half of the mustaches.

Question 8: What trick did the Choudhary play on the village people?

Answer: The Choudhary told the village village that last night Lord Shiva came in his dream and said that He would shower His blessings on any man who clean shaved his mustaches and looked up in the sky.

Question 9: Did anybody admit that he had been befooled?

Answer: Nobody admitted that he had been befooled because they knew that the village people would laugh at them.

Question 10: In the story, the Mustached Man who benefited in the end?

Answer: It was the barber who was benefited in the end. This is because all mustaches in the village had been sacrificed at the altar of bliss but the barber was the only person who made money out of this. Also, he was the only person who still had mustaches and who could proudly walk in the street twisting his slender line of mustaches.

So, these were The Mustached Men Questions & Answers.

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