The False Astrologer Questions & Answers

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The False Astrologer Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. The astrologer could predict things correctly – False
2. The astrologer dressed himself well for the occasion – True
3. The astrologer and Guru Nayak finally settled for one rupee – True
4. Guru Nayak was stabbed and then pushed into a well – True
5. The astrologer’s wife knew that he had once tried to kill – False
6. The astrologer’s load had gone after he met Guru Nayak – True

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Astrologer’s __________ was resplendent with sacred ash and vermilion.

(a) stomach
(b) nose
(c) forehead

2. People were attracted to him as _________ are attracted to cosmos or dahlia stalks.

(a) bees
(b) butterflies
(c) birds

3. He was as much a stranger to the stars as were his innocent ___________.

(a) students
(b) customers
(c) disciples

4. Long practice had ________ his perception.

(a) increased
(b) sharpened
(c) loosened

5. This __________ was accepted after a little further argument.

(a) pact
(b) letter
(c) application

6. It was nearly midnight when the __________ reached home.

(a) doctor
(b) teacher
(c) astrologer

Question 3: How did the astrologer present himself and his things at his place of work?

Answer: At midday, the astrologer used to open his bag and spread out his professional equipment, which consisted of a dozen cowrie shells, a square piece of cloth with obscure mystic charts on it, a notebook and a bundle of mystic papers. His forehead was resplendent with sacred ash and vermilion, and his eyes sparkled with a sharp abnormal gleam which was really an outcome of a continual searching look for customers, but which his simple clients took to be a prophetic light and felt comforted.

Question 4: How was the place remarkable for the astrologer to sit?

Answer: It was a remarkable place in many ways:

  • A surging crowd was always moving up and down this narrow road from morning till night.
  • A variety of trades and occupations was represented all along its way – medicine-sellers, sellers of stolen hardware and junk, magicians and, above all, an auctioneer of cheap cloth, who created enough din all day to attract the whole town.

Question 5: Why had the astrologer left his village without any previous thought or plan?

Answer: The astrologer had left his village without any previous thought or plan because if he had continued there he would have carried on the work of his forefathers – namely, tilling the land, living, marrying and ripening in his cornfield and ancestral home. But that was not to be. He had to leave home without telling anyone, and he could not rest till he left it behind a couple of hundred miles.

Question 6: What was the astrologer’s working analysis of mankind’s troubles?

Answer: The astrologer had a working analysis of mankind’s troubles – marriage, money and the tangles of human ties. Long practice had sharpened his perception. Within five minutes, he used to understand what was wrong. He used to charge three pies per question and never opened his mouth till the other had spoken for at least ten minutes, which provided him enough stuff for a dozen answers and advices.

Question 7: How did the astrologer deal with his customers?

Answer: When the astrologer used to tell the person before him, gazing at his palm that in many ways he was not getting the fullest results for his efforts, nine out of ten were disposed to agree with him. Or the astrologer used to question the person, was there any woman in his family, maybe even a distant relative, who was not well disposed towards him or he used to give an analysis that the troubles are due to his nature. He used to say that he had an impetuous nature and a rough exterior. This endeared the astrologer to the hearts of the people immediately.

Question 8: What did the client want to know?

Answer: The client wanted to know that whether he would be successful in his search or not.

Question 9: What all things did the astrologer tell about Guru Nayak?

Answer: The astrologer told him that a knife had been passed through him once. He was pushed into a well nearby in the field and was left for dead.

Question 10: How had a great load gone from the astrologer?

Answer: A great load had gone from the astrologer because he thought that he had killed a man but that man was alive.

So, these were The False Astrologer Questions & Answers.

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