The Child Professional Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Child Professional Questions & Answers.

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The Child Professional Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. The little boy was small and slim, with what very thin legs and hands.
2. The little boy had in his hands a longish bag made of Ola leaves.
3. The little boy smiled and turned away and came round to the woman seated on my other side.
4. The women just ignored the packet of peanuts little boy held out.
5. But here was a small boy, not quite an adolescent, behaving responsibly.
6. Ramanathan was still singing the Thodi raga with its nuances.
7. This time the little boy had balloons of different colours.
8. The little boy had moved away, calling out for his balloons energetically.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. The writer first met the little boy at the ___________.

(a) Nallur Music Hall
(b) Early Music Hall
(c) Variety Theatre

2. The writer was listening to the _________ raga.

(a) Deepak
(b) Thodi
(c) Tilak

3. The boy’s bag was made of _________ leaves.

(a) banana
(b) Ola
(c) ash

4. In the first meeting, the boy was selling ___________.

(a) gram and peanut
(b) balloons
(c) chips

5. The boy originally belonged to ___________.

(a) Senguntha
(b) Sivapragasam Street
(c) colombo

6. The writer bought five balloons for his __________ children.

(a) own
(b) neighbourhood
(c) orphans

Question 3: Where did the writer meet the young child?

Answer: The writer met the young child at the Nallur Music Hall.

Question 4: What did the writer notice about the boy?

Answer: The writer noticed that the boy was small and slim, with very thin legs and hands. He had dry shrunken cheeks however, his eyes were large and shining with a lively light.

Question 5: Why did the writer not buy gram?

Answer: The writer did not buy gram because he had no desire to eat it. Also, he was having an upset stomach and so, it didn’t seem right to be munching gram in that atmosphere.

Question 6: What information did the writer get about the boy when they met next?

Answer: The next time when the writer met the boy, he came to know that he was a professional and not a beggar.

Question 7: Why did the writer think that it was not begging but a profession?

Answer: When the writer asked the boy to keep the balance of two rupees, he gave him a rupee and one more balloon. He was quite straightforward. This behaviour showed that it was not begging but a profession.

Question 8: Why did the writer feel contented on buying five balloons?

Answer: The writer felt contented on buying five balloons because he wanted to help that boy.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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