The Dog Ate My Homework Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Dog Ate My Homework Questions & Answers.

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The Dog Ate My Homework Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why was Tony happy when he woke up?

Answer: Tony was happy when he woke up because it was Sunday and there was no school.

Question 2: How was the weather that morning?

Answer: The weather was pleasant that morning.

Question 3: When did Tony have his breakfast?

Answer: After taking bath, Tony had his breakfast.

Question 4: What did Tony want to do in the park?

Answer: Tony wanted to play with his friends in the park.

Question 5: Where did Tony want to eat his favourite burger?

Answer: Tony wanted to eat his favourite burger at McDonald’s.

Question 6: Why was Tony on restriction?

Answer: Tony’s father had put him on restriction as a punishment because he had been telling lies at school.

Question 7: What lie did Tony tell on Tuesday?

Answer: On Tuesday, Tony told that his pet dog ate up his homework.

Question 8: What lie did he tell on Thursday?

Answer: On Thursday, he told that home work went down the kitchen drain.

Question 9: What was his lie on Friday?

Answer: On Friday, he told that he was very sick last night and the doctor told him to take rest.

Question 10: Why did the teacher call Tony’s mother on phone?

Answer: The teacher called Tony’s mother on phone to complain that he was not doing his homework.

Question 11: Why had Tony to hang his head in shame?

Answer: Tony had to hang his head in shame because there was no answer and no explanation with him for the lies that he had told.

Question 12: What made Tony’s dad very angry?

Answer: Tony’s lies for not doing homework made his father angry.

Question 13: Put these sentences in right order:


…7…Tony’s dad was very angry.
…8…Dad put Tony on restriction.
…5…The mother came back home.
…6…She told Tony’s dad all the story.
…2…Tony’s mother came to Tony’s school.
…1…Tony’s teacher rang up Tony’s mother.
…4…Tony had to hang his head in shame.
…9…Tony couldn’t go out to play with his friends.
…3…The teacher told the mother about Tony’s lies.

Question 14: Write the correct word for each meaning:

1. A problem – trouble
2. The reason for doing something – explanation
3. The schoolwork you do at home – homework
4. That is liked more than the others – favourite
5. A pipe that carries away dirty water – drain
6. Feeling of sadness for doing something wrong – shame
7. A flat board fixed on the wall for keeping things – shelf
8. Something that keeps you from doing something – restriction

So, these were The Dog Ate My Homework Questions & Answers.

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