Ducks Don’t Get Wet Questions & Answers

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Ducks Don’t Get Wet Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Proven – tested and shown to be true
  • Preening – cleaning itself; making its feathers smooth with its beak
  • Damp – slightly wet
  • Bill – beak; hard pointed or curved outer part of a bird’s mouth

Question 1: What kind of feathers does a duck have?

Answer: A duck has oily kind of feathers.

Question 2: Where does a duck find food for itself?

Answer: A duck finds food for itself under the water.

Question 3: What has been said to be a proven fact?

Answer: It has been said to be a proven fact that oil and water don’t mix.

Question 4: What does a duck do every day?

Answer: Every day, a duck preens its feathers.

Question 5: Why does a duck need oily feathers?

Answer: A duck need oily feathers so that it could swim in water.

Question 6: How does a duck spread oil over its feathers?

Answer: A duck spread oil over its feathers with the help of its bill.

Question 7: What two things does the poem tell you will not mix together?

Answer: The two things that the poem tells us will not mix together are – oil and water.

Question 8: What word in the poem rhymes with each word below?


i. Feather – weather
ii. Feet – eat

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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