The Great Stone Face – II Questions & Answers

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The Great Stone Face – II Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write ‘True’ or ‘False’ against each of the following statements.

i. Ernest’s words reminded people of the wise old sayings – True
ii. Total strangers from far away, who visited Ernest in the valley, found his face familiar – True
iii. The Great Stone Face confirmed Ernest’s view that the poet could be worthy of its likeness – False
iv. When Ernest and the poet met, they respected and admired each other equally – True
v. The poet along with Ernest addressed the inhabitants of the valley – False
vi. The poet realised that Ernest’s thoughts were far nobler than his own verses – True

Question 2: How was Ernest different from others in the valley?

Answer: Unlike other inhabitants in the valley, Ernest was a very humble, noble, thoughtful and kind-hearted person. As he grew old, he became a renowned personality and his qualities reached beyond the limits of the valley. College professors and active men of cities would come from far-off places to visit and converse with Ernest. He welcomed and received them with gentle sincerity and would talk to them freely with an open heart. He led a selfless life doing good deeds to others. He was a thoughtful person and while talking to the audience, his face would brighten up and shine upon them like a mild evening light. These are some of the ways he was different from others in the valley.

Question 3: Why did Ernest think the poet was like the Stone Face?

Answer: The poet’s songs were written with resilient thoughts. His poetry touched Ernest as well. He used to read the poet’s poems and his songs at the end of his day. Ernest met the poet, he found him gentle, humble and kind. It seemed like even the Great Stone Face was leaning forward to listen to the poet talk. This is what made Ernest think that the poet resembled the Stone Face.

Question 4: What did the poet himself say about his thoughts and poems?

Answer: When the poet talked with a man like Ernest who was so wise, gentle and kind, he felt as though he could hear a distant voice of a heavenly song from his views and simple thoughts. The poet strongly felt that his own life did not correspond to his thoughts although he had grand dreams, but he could never convert those to reality. The poet lacked faith in his own thoughts as he talked sadly to Ernest with teary eyes. He confessed that he was not worthy to be compared to the likeness of the Great Stone Face as his actions did not match his thoughts.

Question 5: What made the poet proclaim Ernest was the Stone Face?

Answer: The poet saw Ernest while he was talking to his audience and observed that his words were kind, powerful and came from the depth of his heart and mind. He felt that Ernest’s life and character was even more noble than any of the poetry he had ever written. The poet observed many similarities between the misty white clouds around the Stone Face and the white hair around Ernest’s brow. This made him proclaim that Ernest was the Stone Face.

Question 6: Write ‘Ernest’ or ‘Poet’, against each statement below.

i. There was a gap between his life and his words – Poet
ii. His words had the power of truth as they agreed with his thoughts – Ernest
iii. His words were as soothing as a heavenly song but only as useful as a vague dream – Poet
iv. His thoughts were worthy – Ernest
v. Whatever he said was truth itself – Ernest
vi. His poems were noble – Poet
vii. His life was nobler than all the poems – Ernest
viii. He lacked faith in his own thoughts – Poet
ix. His thoughts had power as they agreed with the life he lived – Ernest
x. Greatness lies in truth. Truth is best expressed in one’s actions. He was truthful, therefore he was great – Ernest

Question 7: Who, by common consent, turned out to be like the Great Stone Face?

Answer: Ernest turned out to be like the Great Stone Face by common consent. He looked very wise, gentle and kind just like the Great Stone Face.

Question 8: Did Ernest believe that the old prophecy had come true? What did he say about it?

Answer: Ernest did not believe that the prophecy had come true and that he resembled the Great Stone Face. Everyone else believed in the likeness that he had with the Stone Face but Ernest still hoped that some other person who would be better and wiser than him would come and bear a resemblance with the Stone Face.

So, these were The Great Stone Face – II Questions & Answers.

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