The Grey Stone Questions & Answers

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The Grey Stone Questions & Answers

Question 1: How did the stone reach the doormat?

Answer: The stone was on the road. It was kicked here and there by Amanda till it reached the doormat/doorstep.

Question 2: What did the stone want to do?

Answer: The stone had wanted to go to school or to see inside of a house.

Question 3: What did the stone do inside the house?

Answer: The stone sat in a corner of the house. It listened to the sounds and watched the sights inside the house.

Question 4: What did the stone watch and listen inside the house?

Answer: The stone watched the cat and the dog and the baby in the cradle. It listened to the mice scampering, the grandfather clock going tick-tock, the table grunting and the chairs squeaking.

Question 5: How did the stone disguise itself?

Answer: The mice dragged Amanda’s velvet cap and pulled it over the stone. The scarf fell down from behind the door and wrapped itself around the stone. Amanda’s boots moved in front of the stone. This is how the stone disguised itself.

Question 6: Why didn’t the stone want to go out of the house?

Answer: The stone didn’t want to go out of the house because it had been waiting to get inside the house for thousands of years and also wanted a little comfort in his old age.

Question 7: What did Amanda and her father see inside the stone?

Answer: Amanda and her father saw a perfect and beautiful fern inside the stone. Its leaves were as clear as if they had been pressed into it that same day.

Question 8: Why did the stone feel proud?

Answer: The stone felt proud because it was the first time it had a name – ‘Door-stop’ which was given by Amanda.

Question 9: What place was given to the stone by Amanda’s father?

Answer: Amanda’s father placed the stone on the mantelpiece.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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