Mothers of The Wild Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Mothers of The Wild Questions & Answers.

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Mothers of The Wild Questions & Answers

Choose the correct answer:

1. A hare _________ for her babies.

(a) has a ready-made nursery
(b) makes a blanket of grass and fur

2. A kangaroo holds her baby _________.

(a) in a special pouch her body
(b) with her teeth

3. The ________ gorilla watches over the babies from nearby.

(a) mother
(b) father

4. A polar bear makes a cub-room__________.

(a) by digging a tunnel in the snow
(b) with leaves on a tree

5. Baby seals and otters learn to swim__________.

(a) by paying attention to the way their mothers move in water
(b) on their own, when their mothers force them into the water

6. A mother bear __________ when she moves it to a safe place.

(a) holds her baby’s head in her mouth gently and firmly
(b) pretends to pounce on her baby and chases her baby

7. This text tells us how animal mothers

(a) teach their babies to find food.
(b) protect their babies from danger.
(c) let their babies look after one another.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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