The Idea of India Questions & Answers

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The Idea of India Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The project that Vijaylakshmi and Nimmi had to work on was about the

i. Constitution of India
ii. people of India
iii. Preamble to the Constitution
iv. essence of the very spirit of India

(b) The Indian Constitution was drafted by

i. the Parliament
ii. the Constituent Assembly
iii. a Drafting Committee
iv. the President

(c) The Constitution of India is important because it

i. contains the Preamble
ii. was signed on Republic Day
iii. contains the ideas, promises and rules agreed to by the people of our country
iv. can be charged as often as the citizens think it necessary

(d) Nimmi felt that the serious, solemn words in the Preamble

i. were meaningless
ii. were very difficult
iii. did not seem related to their lives
iv. were very impressive

(e) Vijaylakshmi wanted to talk about fundamental duties in their project because

i. that is what we need to do for our country
ii. they are important
iii. it is written in the Preamble
iv. nobody talks about our duties

Question 2: In her explanation of the first phase of the Constitution, ‘We, the people of India’, Leila Seth introduces the phrase, ‘including children’. What would you give importance to if you were given a role in framing the rules for governing our country?

Answer: If I were given a role in framing the rules for governing our country, I would give importance to equality and fraternity so that the future generations would be able to live in harmony and would value others as individuals.

Question 3: “But all those serious, solemn words…….how do they connect to us…..what do they mean in real life?”

Answer: For protecting the rights and values of every individual citizen of our country, those serious, solemn words have been put into our Constitution. That is why they have a deep connection with us. We encounter many instances in our everyday life, where our basic rights and values are endangered. But our constitution contains edicts and words that ensure that every human being lives a fair, safe and dignified life which is protected by the laws as laid by the Constitution.

Question 4: What is the difference between getting one’s rights and doing one’s duty? Explain with example.

Answer: There are some fundamental rights that are granted by our Constitution to every citizen of our country which are sensitive and fair to others and acceptable by the law. For example – Freedom of expression is a right and so, we can say or express whatever we want to but provided it should not hurt others and should not undermine national or cultural values.
Rights and duties go hand in hand and duty is what every citizen bound to do. For example – it is our duty to respect national anthem and protect wildlife.

Question 5: Find words from the chapter that mean the same as the words given below:

(a) Work together

Answer: Collaborate

(b) Supreme

Answer: High

(c) Earnestly

Answer: Solemnly

(d) Ideas

Answer: Project

(e) Respect

Answer: Esteem/Acclaim

(f) Favourable time

Answer: Opportunity

So, these were The Idea of India Questions & Answers.

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