The Lost Laugh Questions & Answers

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The Lost Laugh Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Hyena – a wild animal that looks like a dog
  • Feather – a soft part that covers a bird’s body
  • Scared – afraid of something
  • Tickle – to touch someone lightly in a way that makes them laugh
  • Let out – made a sound to show pain, laughter or surprise
  • Disappeared – went away somewhere – could not be seen or heard anymore

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

(a) Hyena lost his laugh.
(b) Hyena thought he had big teeth that scared other animals.
(c) Monkey picked up a feather and tickle hyena all over.
(d) Monkey said, “Hyena’s laugh was inside him all the time.
(e) Hyena’s laugh came out because he was happy.

Question 2: Why was Hyena sad?

Answer: Hyena was sad because he had lost his laugh.

Question 3: How did Monkey find Hyena’s laugh?

Answer: Monkey found Hyena’s laugh by tickling him and making him happy.

Question 4: “I’ll never lose my laugh again.”? How can Hyena be sure of that?

Answer: Hyena will not lose his laugh again because he knows that he doesn’t need to feel bad about his teeth. He will now be happy with himself.

Question 5: Which animals helped Hyena look for his laugh? Where did they look?



Who – Giraffe
Where – Tree tops


Who – Hippo
Where – Inside water


Who – Elephant
Where – Jungle


Who – Monkey
Where – Inside the Hyena

Question 6: Match the columns:

Column AColumn B
a. Hyena was sad becausei. a feather
b. Hyena felt bad aboutii. laughed
c. Monkey tickled the Hyena withiii. inside him.
d. Hyena’s laugh wasiv. he had lost his laugh.
e. All the animalsv. his big teeth
Answer: a-iv, b-v, c-i, d-iii, e-ii

So, these were The Lost Laugh Questions & Answers.

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