The Magical Book Questions & Answers

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The Magical Book Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write whether the following statements are true or false.

1. Harish had no bad habits – False
2. Harish’s friend’s name was Amar – False
3. Mrs Jaya taught mathematics – False
4. Harish’s mother and Mrs Jaya together planned that they would hide his books – True
5. Mrs Jaya did not actually have any dream of books complaining – True

Question 2: What was Harish doing when his mother asked him to get ready?

Answer: Harish was watching TV when his mother asked him to get ready.

Question 3: In which class was Harish the previous year? Which class would he enter when the school reopened?

Answer: The previous year, Harish was in second class and he would enter in class 3rd when the school reopened.

Question 4: Where did Harish first see the books for the new academic year?

Answer: Harish saw the books on the school counter for the first time.

Question 5: When other pupils started to write, Harish was sitting with tears in his eyes. Why?

Answer: Harish was sitting with tears in eyes because he lost his English notebook.

Question 6: What was the dream Mrs Jaya had?

Answer: In the dream, Mrs. Jaya saw that the books were complaining to her on their bad condition; how the naughty children hurt them.

Question 7: How do you think the English notebook came back to the shelf?

Answer: We think that Harish’s mother put the book back on his book self.

Question 8: Why should we treat our books gently?

Answer: We should treat our books gently because our books feel the same as we feel when we hurt them.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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