The Talkative Turtle Questions & Answers

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The Talkative Turtle Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The turtle and a pair of swans were ________

(a) enemies
(b) good friends
(c) neighbours

2. The turtle especially loved to________

(a) eat
(b) play
(c) talk

3. The swans were flying in search of _________

(a) food
(b) water
(c) perfect lake

4. The swans were worried because ________

(a) the turtle loved to talk and chatter
(b) they were exchanging news and gossip
(c) the lake was drying up

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

1. The turtle and the swans lived in a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains.
2. The swans returned to the turtle with good news.
3. The swans did not want to leave their friend behind.
4. The turtle was amazed at the way by looking at the world from so far above the ground.
5. The stick slipped from the turtle’s mouth and he fell down from the sky onto the rocks below.

Question 3: How did the swans and the turtle spend their time together?

Answer: The swans and the turtle spent their time together telling each other stories and exchanging news and gossip.

Question 4: What did the turtle suggest the swans to do?

Answer: The turtle suggested the swans to fly in search of a lake that still has plenty of water so that all of them could move there.

Question 5: What, according to Mrs Swan, was the problem with the new lake?

Answer: According to Mrs Swan, the problem with the new lake was that it was too far the turtle to walk to it.

Question 6: How did the turtle solve the problem?

Answer: The turtle asked the swans to find a strong stick and to hold it in their beaks. The turtle would then hang on to the stick with its mouth and the swans could fly with the turtle to the new lake.

Question 7: Why was the turtle so excited on the way?

Answer: On the way, the turtle was so excited looking at the world from so far above the ground.

So, these were The Talkative Turtle Questions & Answers.

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