The Tempest Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Tempest Questions & Answers.

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The Tempest Questions & Answers

Question 1: Answer the following questions in one word or sentence:

(a) Who was the Duke of Milan?

Answer: Prospero

(b) Name the spirit was found and released by Prospero.

Answer: Ariel

(c) What knowledge was Prospero trying to acquire?

Answer: Magic and other arts.

(d) What did Prospero raise in the sea by the power of his magic?

Answer: The tempest

(e) Name the kind old lord who was devoted to Prospero?

Answer: Gonzalo

(f) What did Prospero accuse Ferdinand to be?

Answer: Spy

(g) What was Prospero’s most precious possession?

Answer: Miranda (his daughter)

(h) I lost my daughter too in the tempest. Whom did Prospero loose his daughter to?

Answer: He lost his daughter to Ferdinand.

(i) What did Ariel always long for?

Answer: Freedom

(j) Under whose possession was the island after Prospero and his party leave for Naples?

Answer: Caliban

Question 2: Why did Prospero leave the management of state affairs to Antonio?

Answer: Prospero left the management of state affairs to his brother Antonio because he devoted all his time to secret studies. His aim was to acquire the knowledge of magic and other arts.

The Tempest Questions & Answers

Question 3: How did Prospero happen to come to the Island with Miranda?

Answer: Prospero’s brother and Antonio and the king of Naples plotted against him and put him and his daughter into an old and damaged ship and left them to drift on the sea. Gonzalo who was a kind old lord and was devoted to Prospero store the ship with the things that they needed. Driven by the favourable winds, they floated on to the island.

Question 4: Who was Ariel? How did he become Prospero’s servant?

Answer: Ariel was a spirit who was imprisoned in the heart of a pine tree by a witch called Sycorax. Prospero released Ariel and Ariel became Prospero’s servant.

Question 5: What was Prospero’s main purpose in raising the storm?

Answer: Prospero’s main purpose in raising the storm was to bring Antonio, the king of Naples and their men on to the island.

Question 6: How did Ferdinand and Miranda meet?

Answer: Ferdinand was sitting alone and weeping at the loss of his father. Remaining invisible, Ariel sang a sweet little song. Ferdinand followed the sound and was laid to where Prospero and Miranda were sitting.

The Tempest Questions & Answers

Question 7: Why did Prospero pretend to think that Ferdinand was spy?

Answer: Prospero pretend to think Ferdinand as a spy because he wanted to test Ferdinand’s love for his daughter.

Question 8: What was the task Prospero gave Ferdinand?

Answer: Prospero gave the task of piling up some heavy logs to Ferdinand.

Question 9: How did Prospero treat his brother and the King of Naples after they had repented?

Answer: Prospero forgave his brother Antonio and the King of Naples after they had repented.

Question 10: What was the gift Prospero gave to the King of Naples?

Answer: Prospero gaveFerdinand and Miranda as a gift to the King of Naples.

Question 11: Why did Prospero break his wand and bury his books?

Answer: Prospero broke his wand and buried his books because he had no further use of them.

So, these were The Tempest Questions & Answers.

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