The Whispering Palms Questions & Answers

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The Whispering Palms Questions & Answers

Question 1: The events that happen in the play make up the plot. Write the events of the day in the order they happened.


…2…Mori goes to school.
…4…Mori is happy to see her mother making soap and oil.
…1…Mori goes to the lake.
…3…Mori hears her parents talking at night.

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘Mother (laughing) What a funny idea, Mori. It’s time for school. Off you go!’

(a) Why does Mori’s mother laugh?

Answer: Mori said that if they catch so many fish, there will not be any left. This made her mother laugh.

(b) What does Mori do before she goes to school?

Answer: Mori helps her parents before she goes to school.

(c) Which word is the opposite of ‘serious’?

Answer: Funny.

Question 3: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘Narrator: Suddenly she woke up and called Mori’s father’.

(a) Who is the narrator speaking about?

Answer: The narrator is speaking about Mori’s mother.

(b) Where is the person sleeping? What time was it?

Answer: Mori’s mother is sleeping under the Palm trees. It is noon time.

(c) What had the person being doing before she fell asleep?

Answer: Before sleeping, Mori’s mother was washing clothes on a stone near the lake.

Question 4: Is Mori a helpful girl? How can you tell?

Answer: Yes, Mori is a helpful girl. She goes to the lake everyday with her parents to collect fish in the basket before going to school.

Question 5: How do we know that Mori is kind to animals?

Answer: Mori is kind to animals because she hurries to rescue the turtle that get stuck in the fishing net.

Question 6: Why is the play titled ‘The whispering palms’?

Answer: In Mori’s mother’s dream, the palms whispered into her ears that is why, the play is titled ‘The whispering palms’.

Question 7: How do the waters and the land take care of you?

Answer: The water takes care of us by providing fish, which is a source of food and income. The land gives us a place to stay.

Question 8: What can you do to take care of the waters and the land in return?

Answer: The water and the land can be taken care of by using them wisely and by taking proper care of the resources.

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