The Word Wizard Questions & Answers

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The Word Wizard Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why does Mr Delmonico try to confuse his wife?

Answer: Mr Delmonico did not want his children to get a pet as a birthday gift. So, he tried to confuse her.

Question 2: What does Mr Delmonico have to say about the following, in order to confuse his wife?

(a) Horses

Answer: According to him, horses have eight legs.

(b) Dogs

Answer: A dog’s bark is worse than its bite and it barks up the wrong tree (with so many trees in the garden it would bark up the wrong tree).

(c) Kittens

Answer: With kittens, it would get hay fever because they can play the fiddle and they would be all over the place.

Question 3: What does the word wizard say about Mr Delmonico?

Answer: The wizard felt that Mr Delmonico was a man who uses words for the purposes of confustication, that is, he breaks words and changes the meanings.

Question 4: What do the children get in the end?

Answer: In the end, the children got a monster with eight legs. It carried a violin under its chin, wore a collar and tie, and had a hundred teeth. It had horns and hairy ears, and was bald. It barked but smiled at the twins.

Question 5: Read the line and answer the questions:

1. Mrs Delmonico sipped a cup of tea in a disappointed fashion.

(a) When does Mrs Delmonico do this?

Answer: Mrs Delmonico did this when her husband made excuses for all the suggestions, she gave for the twins’ birthday present.

(b) Why is she disappointed?

Answer: She is disappointed because none of her ideas were liked by her husband.

(c) What does she suggest after this?

Answer: She suggests that they could give a pet to the twins the following year.

2. It buzzed off like a mosquito, over the lawn straight to Mr Delmonico….

(a) What buzzed off and what did it so?

Answer: The wizard’s idea buzzed like a mosquito and stung Mr Delmonico on his nose.

(b) When did this buzz off and why?

Answer: It buzzed off when the twins pulled the cracker bought by Mr Delmonico from the Wizards’ Bargain Store. It burst and the room filled with smoke and the smell of gunpowder.

(c) What was the result?

Answer: The result was a monster.

So, these were The Word Wizard Questions & Answers.

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