Raggedy-Ann and the Kite Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Raggedy-Ann and the Kite Questions & Answers.

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Raggedy-Ann and the Kite Questions & Answers

Question 1: What were the children making?

Answer: The children were making a kite.

Question 2: Why did Marcella offer the children Raggedy-Ann to tie on to the kite?

Answer: The kite the children made needed a longer tail and they were wondering where they could get more rags to tie to it. This is when Marcella offered to tie Raggedy-Ann to the kite.

Question 3: What did the children do when Raggedy-Ann and the kite fell down?

Answer: They began running in the direction where the kite and Raggedy-Ann had fallen.

Question 4: Why do you think the robins flew away from their nest?

Answer: Raggedy-Ann fell from the sky in the fork of the tree near the robins’ nest. They were scared and flew away.

Question 5: How did Marcella feel when she couldn’t find Raggedy-Ann?

Answer: Marcella was extremely unhappy and distraught when she couldn’t find Raggedy-Ann.

Question 6: Read the line and answer the questions:

1. ‘Will you please pull down the kite now?’

(a) Who says these words and to whom?

Answer: Marcella says this to the boy with the twine.

(b) Why did she want the kite to be pulled down?

Answer: She did not like leaving Raggedy-Ann and grew restless after the kite had been flying for five or ten minutes.

(c) What happened next?

Answer: The rag to which Raggedy-Ann was tied ripped because of the wind and she was blown away.

2. ‘See the nice yarn! We could use it to line the nest with,’ she said.

(a) To whom these words are addressed to?

Answer: The words are addressed to Daddy Robin.

(b) What happened next?

Answer: The two robins decide that the yarn would be good to line their nest, so they start pulling and tugging at Raggedy-Ann’s yarn hair. In doing so they loosened her a little bit and changed her position so that she was visible from the yard.

(c) How does this help Marcella to get back her doll?

Answer: The next morning when Marcella is out looking for Raggedy-Ann, the robins’ loud chatter made Marcella look up at the tree. She then found her doll stuck there.

Question 7: Words and meaning

1. Find these in the story.

(a) Four words for observations, e.g., view

Answer: Watched, see, peep, looked.

(b) Six words for sounds, e.g., sang

Answer: Talked, shouted, cry, chatter, call, said.

2. Find words for the following.

(a) To argue

Answer: Quarrel

(b) A room, often used for storage, in the roof of a house.

Answer: Attic

(c) To shine with a gleam that changes constantly from bright to faint.

Answer: Twinkle

So, these were Raggedy-Ann and the Kite Questions & Answers.

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